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Lake loses appeal, The King’s speech, more migrants for VP Harris – CNN This Morning

In another major defeat for election deniers nationwide, an Arizona judge rules against Kari Lake’s election challenge after she lost her bid for governor. King Charles pays tribute to his Mother in his first Christmas message. And, busloads of migrants have again been dropped at VP Harris’ home in frigid temperatures. Tatiana Laborde, of SAMU First response joins to discuss what she calls a “cruel, dangerous, shameful stunt”.

Ben Smith, Editor in Chief of Semafour, discusses Tesla stock prices tumbling to their lowest point this year, and why he thinks we are seeing the end of the social media age in news. Plus, Trump’s tax returns are to be released post-Christmas, China will stop releasing its daily Covid figures, the Taliban bans female aid workers and warns the US not to interfere, and the top business stories of 2022.

Hosted by Poppy Harlow and Sara Sidner

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