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Danielle Fishel Feared Her ‘Boy Meets World’ Podcast Would “Ruin The Show” For Fans

Danielle Fishel recently shared that her biggest fear about launching a Boy Meets World rewatch podcast was that it might “ruin the show” for fans.

Fishel, who played Topanga on the ABC sitcom, hosts Pod Meets World with her former costars Rider Strong and Will Friedle. Since the show holds so much childhood nostalgia for many, Fishel told PEOPLE that she was concerned some of their honest critiques on the pod would shift viewer perception.

“We were worried we might ruin the show,” Fishel said. “We don’t want our criticisms or our critiques or our experiences to in any way change what your opinion of the show is. They’re just our honest opinions, and we can’t do it if we’re not going to be honest.”

Boy Meets World ran from 1993 to 2000 and also starred Ben Savage and William Daniels. Now two decades later, Fishel says that hosting the podcast has helped jog her memory about some finer series details as well as remind her of what a special time it was in her life.

“I was just left with one overarching feeling about the whole experience as opposed to the show and what its values were, or what its key points were, or how good it was,” she recalled. “And so now, getting to watch it, I’m like, ‘Man, it’s a really good show, and what a great experience we had.’”

Strong, who played Shawn on the show, also said that he felt it was important not to sugarcoat any of his opinions.

“Ultimately we settled on it as a sort of journey, rather than just watching the show and talking about how great it is, which we all agree, it is actually great,” he said of the podcast. “We wanted it to be more of a personal journey for us, and to just be honest.”

Since the podcast debuted in June 2022, Fishel, Strong, and Friedle have talked about such topics as Strong and Savage’s friendship, Friedle’s attempted Los Angeles–based spinoff, and a decades-long standoff between Strong and Adam Scott. In one episode, the trio interviewed the woman who was originally cast as Topanga.

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