French Singer Yseult On Challenging Fashion Norms at Cannes

Photo: Rémi Pujol

For Yseult, these commanding ensembles are about much more than playing dress up, however. In an arena like Cannes, where size diversity is scarce, the French singer says she wanted to show up as authentically herself—in the most elevated way, of course. “Honestly, it’s a challenge to re-think fashion on a plus-size body, and re-invent new lines while finding a good balance between my body and Balenciaga’s essence,” she says. To do this successfully, the star says she’s particular about a garment’s fit and overall silhouette. “I like my looks to be structured yet fluid,” she says. “I also like to play with the curves and pleats of my body, and to exaggerate and amplify its lines.”

Photo: Rémi Pujol

Photo: Rémi Pujol

The Cannes festival isn’t over just yet—it concludes on Saturday—so we will perhaps get one or two more head-turning looks from the stylish singer. After that, she says she’ll continue working on new musical projects. “Professionally, my main goal is to develop my music and expand to the international musical scene,” says Yseult. “I’m currently preparing my first album produced by myself as an independent artist, and I hope to develop myself with a tour in the U.S., as I am already working on several features with American talents.” We can’t wait to see what that entails—and what it sounds like.

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