Ohio teen accused of fatally bludgeoning boyfriend’s mom with a rock — after giving him ultimatum to do it himself

A 17-year-old girl in Ohio fatally bludgeoned her older boyfriend’s mother with a rock — after giving him a five-hour ultimatum to kill her himself, authorities say.

Kaitlyn Coones of Cleveland is being tried as an adult on murder charges in the death of Nicole Jones, 53, with prosecutors saying the teenager beat Nicole to death in April — just days after she left her foster home to be with her boyfriend, Jonathan Jones, 33.

Coones had allegedly given Jones — who was previously convicted over his illegal relationship with the underage girl — a five-hour window to kill his mom, who disapproved of their relationship.

“Kaitlyn had told Jonathan that they needed to do something about his mother because she was preventing them from being together, and she gave him five hours to do something about her,” Detective Jake Albright of the Sylvania Township Police Department said in court Friday, according to Cleveland 19 News.

When those five hours passed and Jonathan still had not taken action, Coones took matters into her own hands, prosecutors say.

“She went outside, retrieved a rock, and when Nicole Jones was standing in front of the refrigerator in the kitchen, unaware of Kaitlyn’s presence, bludgeoned Nicole Jones a number of times and strangled her,” Lucas County Prosecutor Andy Lastra alleged.

Jonathan was reportedly sitting in the living room at the time and allegedly helped his young girlfriend cover up the murder.

The pair headed to two local stores in Jones’ vehicle and purchased tarp and trash bags to wrap the body and clean the kitchen, prosecutors say, according to ABC 13.

The twisted duo then placed the body in Jonathan’s car, which they drove to a nearby apartment complex and tossed it into a dumpster that was ultimately taken to a landfill, authorities say.

Police say it is unlikely Nicole’s body will ever be found.

After disposing of the body, the two suspects are said to have driven across the southern border into Mexico.

Authorities said they were only made aware of the alleged crime the next month, when Canton Police contacted the Sylvania Township Police to conduct a welfare check on Nicole.

Canton Police officers said they received word from Coones’ foster home that the teen had texted a nurse, saying she had killed two people and was on the run.

It is unclear who the other victim may have been.

Police then began investigating Nicole’s disappearance — and were able to track Coones and Jones to Ahumada, Chihuahua, in Mexico because Jones never disarmed the ankle monitor he was wearing after previously pleading guilty to child endangerment, attempt to pander obscenity, failure to appear in court and vandalism.

After their arrest, Coones allegedly admitted to murdering Nicole, with authorities saying the details of where they had dumped the body matched GPS information that was tracked on Jonathan’s phone and watch.

Coones is now charged with murder, aggravated murder, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse.

Her lawyer, Ann Baronas, has argued that the teen was a victim of Jonathan, who was not supposed to have any contact with her after his previous charges for their relationship.

The couple were previously seen walking down a local road the year before when police stopped them out of concern for their safety.

“At that time, the victim did provide a false name and birthday to officers,” Wood County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Morgan Spitler said of Coones in March, according to the Sentinel-Tribune.

Nude photos of the minor and photos of the two of them having sex were also found on Jonathan’s phone, authorities have said.

Jones is now also facing charges in connection with his mother’s murder and is being held on a $1.125 million bond.

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