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Best supports to pair with Lucian LoL

If you’re wondering which supports are usually played with Lucian, here are the five best champions to play alongside him this season.

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The best supports to play with Lucian in LoL

Lucian has always been a satisfying champion to play, especially for ADC players. There is nothing more enjoyable than kiting the hell out of the enemy teams, dashing and dodging all spells, all while dishing out damage.

Even though he might have an easy and friendly kit, Lucian takes lots of time to master and bring him to maximum potential. It requires great mechanical prowess, as well as good support partners to help him get into a position to snowball. Yes, because compared to other ADCs, Lucian needs to get ahead to carry the game: it’s almost imperative in the gameplan.

But which are the best supports to play alongside Lucian? We have compiled a list of the strongest champions that will work with him. We will be looking at the key strengths and weaknesses of these bot lane duos, so you know exactly where their power lies.

Nami – the no. 1 support for Lucian

If you watch professional play, you probably already now that Lucian and Nami are, without a doubt, the best pairing possible. Whenever there is a chance to grab them together, do it.

Ever since Riot tweaked Lucian’s passive to work with healing and shielding abilities, Nami has become the primary choice. This is because she not only empowers Lucian’s auto attacks with her spells, but she can further boost them with her own E, making Lucian have insane early-game trading potential.

Image Credits | Riot Games

If you’re able to find an opportunity, Lucian can go in and chunk half of an enemy’s health bar with a rotation of spells and Nami’s own abilities. The combos get even stronger once both unlock their own ultimates, further boosting the kill potential for the gunslinger. Nami can use her own Tidal Wave (R) to initiate a fight or prevent enemies from rushing into them, giving her good versatility when it comes to playing aggressively or defensively.

If you want to climb soloQ or win your Clash games, make sure to play these two together. It requires some coordination, but you just need a few games to get a good hang of it.

Yuumi – The best Nami alternative

Given that Lucian and Nami are a known pairing, there might be times when Nami cannot be played. In that case, Yuumi is probably the best alternative you can get.

Similar to Nami, she offers good shields and healing thanks to the new rework, even though she cannot provide the same levels of crowd controls. That said, the peeling ability is more or less similar since Yuumi can give Lucian great movement speed bonus and slows down enemies with her other abilities.

While the laning phase is not as strong, the two have good all-in at level six with the two ultimates. The slow coming from Yuumi’s R allows Lucian to hit his own ultimate more easily, and not let the enemies get away.

The only thing is being extra careful in the early game since Lucian must not get caught during ganks or by enemy’s engage. If you have good dodges, this duo is definitely one to try out.

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Braum – The strongest tank support

There are times when playing an enchanter doesn’t match well with the team’s compositon. In this type of situations, having a tank champion that can protect the allies is better. Among the list of warden champions, Braum is the best choice for Lucian.

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The main reason why these two are good together is the synergize between Lucian and Braum’s passives. Thanks to the extra attacks Lucian gets, he can easily apply the Concussive blows, stunning the targets. Whether it’s used to initiate a skirmish, set up a gank, or lock down an enemy team, this duo will always have this fantastic combo to work with.

Aside from that, Braum can protect Lucian by standing in front of him and tank enemies’ abilities with his wall (E). If it’s needed, he can also cast Glacial Fissure (R) to knock up the targets in front of him. With the potential of creating good crowd control chains, Lucian is free to reposition and find the spot to dish out damage.

While these two used to be the primary pairing with Lucian ADC, the loss of damage caused by the lack of shielding and healing abilities is substantial. Don’t play this bot with the idea of having Lucian as the main carry of the team: treat it more as a utility bot lane.

Thresh – one of the most versatile supports for Lucian

Lucian and Thresh have a great lore story that links them together through Lucian’s Wife, Senna. So it’s not a surprise to see them have some chemistry in the game as well.

The best thing about Thresh is his versatile kit: he can work almost with everyone in the bottom lane since he can do multiple things all well. It requires great mechanics, but the results are definitely rewarding. Thresh has lots of crowd control that enables Lucian to easily land his spells, while also offering good peeling tools with his Flay (E) and lantern (W).

The main thing to understand about this duo is that you don’t want to be the ones playing aggressively: you’re looking to play in a kite-back style, with Thresh stopping anyone that tries to jump on Lucian, as he damages them with his combos.

This is probably the duo that requires the highest amount of trust and coordination between the two, so be careful when picking it.

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Sona – The atypical support to play with Lucian

If you’re not able to play Nami or Yuumi, there is another enchanter that has been popping up recently with Lucian: Sona. While she’s not that popular, people have realized that she works extremely well with him since she can boost Lucian’s passive with all her spells (all give buffs to him).

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While their laning phase is not as strong as Nami’s, Sona can still apply a good amount of lane pressure if played correctly. She runs out of mana much faster, though, so it’s important to take the right fights and make sure to not waste the empowered combos.

At level six, instead, the two theoretically have the strongest combo out of all the supports: Sona can stun multiple targets with her ultimate, giving Lucian the chance to fully hit his own Culling (R).

Sona is not that strong of a support right now, but she’s definitely playable alongside Lucian this season.

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