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Conclusion to Loba and Revenant’s 3-year saga teased in new Apex Kill Code short

Since the first trailers for Apex Legends season four in January 2020, Revenant’s fate has been tied to the little girl, Loba, he made an orphan on an old contract. Now, over three years later, today’s new Kill Code short teased that story might be coming to an end.

The short cinematic, titled “A Life for a Life,” picks up directly in the wake of Kill Code part three’s disastrous heist attempt. It’s only a minute long, but it sets up for a finale with Loba and Revenant in Kill Code part four, which releases on Nov. 27.

Revenant’s head is back in the hands of the Syndicate, Loba and Valkyrie appear to be through after their standoff, and the makeshift team of legends is entirely divided. It’s this impact crater that Revenant steps directly into, once again trying to coax Loba into finally putting an end to his torment. However, unlike every other attempt before it, this one seems to succeed with Loba resolutely declaring “let’s finish this.”

This is a big deal for two reasons. Since learning about his true nature, Loba’s only goal has been to deprive Revenant of the one thing he seeks: death. It’s an obsession that’s been just as destructive to her own life as it’s been to Revenant’s, as shown in quests like Friends Like These from season 14, where Valkyrie allied herself with Revenant in secret in the hopes of destroying his head—a partnership made behind Loba’s back which ultimately pushed their relationship to a breaking point.

The second reason is that, if they are successful, Revenant dies. This would be the first canonical death for a legend in Apex’s history and presents a new prospective challenge for the battle royale going forward if they do go there. What does a live service story look like after one of its characters, who continues to receive new cosmetics and updates, can’t be present in it anymore?

There’s still a chance that we don’t get this resolution. Loba could be lying, or they discover a new solution in the next main Kill Code cinematic that neutralizes the need to put Revenant in the ground for good. After all, we don’t know the full extent of Silva’s plans yet, and there could still be more revelations awaiting both of our Legends next week.

Apex Legends’ Kill Code part four cinematic releases on Nov. 27.

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