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Jeff and Professor X prove to be the perfect counter to Marvel Snap’s infamous Galactus combo

In Marvel Snap, Galactus is widely considered by fans as the most annoying card to ever exist. His ability to destroy the other two locations makes almost every game favorable for the side of his user, especially if they manage to pull off the devourer of worlds’ massive ability. But as the saying goes, everyone has a weakness, and Galactus has one too

As seen in a Reddit post by user Kmad03 on Sept. 26, they posted a clip of their game, showing how their opponent activated Galactus’ effect to force a single-location battle. The opponent already had the upper hand because of Galactus, while Kmad03 played Professor X, who prevents players from playing or removing cards in any form at the location where he is placed.

The situation was already supposed to be a win for the opponent since Galactus has seven power and the gamer only had three because of Professor X. They even confidently snapped when they managed to pull off the Galactus play, but the tide of the match quickly turned upside down and went on to favor the gamer, thanks to the adorable yet unstoppable Jeff the Baby Land Shark.

Jeff the Baby Land Shark is a two energy, three power card. When it comes to stats, he may not be a game-changing card at all, but his value comes from his ability to be literally unstoppable in terms of playing or moving him to any location, including a locked location by Professor X. Playing one copy of Jeff the Baby Land Shark would only result in creating a total of six power for the game, but with two Jeffs, it’s a whole different scenario.

The gamer had two copies of Jeff in their hand all thanks to the Daily Bugle location which was revealed on turn three. Here, players will get a copy of a card from their opponent’s hand. Luckily, the gamer got a copy of the opponent’s Jeff the Baby Land Shark which made him able to play two Jeffs in the final turn.

The gamer snapped back on turn six, resulting in an eight cube match. The opponent did not retreat and fought until the end, but the gamer had the last laugh and grabbed all those eight cubes.

The post garnered over 1,300 upvotes from fans, as well as praises from the community because of the lockdown potential manifested because of Professor X and Jeff. Indeed, no one is safe in Marvel Snap, even with someone as powerful as Galactus. In the gamer’s case, a professor and two sharks saved the day for them.

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