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Leaked Fortnite Eminem skin sees legendary rapper join game

Have you ever felt old Fortnite skins are cramping up your style and you need a fresh skin added to your collection? Well, it seems like you can soon grab an Eminem skin—and we’re about to lose ourselves.

According to popular Fortnite leaker, HYPEX, Eminem is getting his own celebrity skin. It seems as if the skin will come in two versions—the original skin and one variant. While the original skin will be Eminem wearing a tracksuit, a hoodie, and a white T-shirt, the variant will include the legendary rapper dressed in a suit, much like the one featured on the album cover for Music To Be Murdered By.

The Eminem skin still hasn’t been confirmed by Epic Games, on either their official Twitter page or website. I was hoping for hints from Slim Shady via his Twitter or Instagram, but still found no additional clues. I guess Epic and Marshal Mathers planned on keeping this a secret until the very last moment.

It’s hard to say when exactly will the Eminem skin roll out, but judging by the pattern with past releases, I’d say the skin will officially be revealed by the end of the week, and you’ll have it in your hands before you know it. It could also be released with a new season that kicks off with the end of Fortnite Season OG on Dec. 2, but again, this is all just speculation and I can’t say for sure until Epic first confirms this skin. 

I hope the skin will come with fresh cosmetics, like backblings and wraps. Some fans are convinced Eminem will have a huge concert as a part of the pre-event lobby, like Marshmello in the past.

If this turns out to be true, it will be an epic entrance to the next season, and I can’t imagine how Epic could ever repeat or top bringing Eminem to Fortnite.

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