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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet glitch brings back Dynamaxing in the oddest way

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s new DLC, The Teal Mask, brought plenty of new content and returning elements from previous games in the franchise, but one glitch has created an unintentional returning mechanic, with all the pizzazz and none of the actual use in combat.

Legendary Pokémon Miraidon grows to a massive size in this new DLC, glitching to match the size of Dynamaxed Pokémon from Sword and Shield. A video showing a player rolling around on Miraidon, but with the character floating below the belly of a massive Pokémon, was posted on Reddit to the chuckles of fans across Paldea and Kitakami.

The clip itself is only eight seconds long, with the player recording the video playing the new minigame the DLC offers, named Orge Oustin’. The minigame makes the player ride on Miraidon (or Koraidon) and collect berries to stack at their home base while also making sure that Pokémon don’t steal them. While this trainer is rolling around collecting berries with his friends, one of them enters the screen from the right with the largest Miraidon any trainer has ever seen in the franchise.

These massive sprite issues have been a consistent glitch across the Pokémon franchise, luckily not affecting much in the game outside of weird visuals. Scarlet and Violet were perhaps most notable for glitches and performance issues when they released, and one previous bug even making the player taller.

Not only is this issue back, but the size of Miraidon makes some of the elements of its look appear lower quality, almost like zooming in far enough on a photo until it’s pixels or unintelligible. The “wheels” are the biggest example of that, with the enlarged Miraidon looking more like a Lifesaver than a futuristic motorcycle dragon. 

Others in the Reddit thread added their own funny comments. One of the best ones invokes the minigame, as Greedents are some of the Pokémon you have to make sure don’t steal your berries. As the comment says, “Greedents can’t steal berries if they’re roadkill.”

This looks to be another glitch for a DLC that many have criticized for consistent bugs, most notably frame-rate drops. Seeing an oversized Miraidon isn’t nearly as bad for gameplay as those performance issues, and it’s nice to have a glitch that is causing an opportunity for fans to enjoy themselves in a DLC, instead of getting mad at it.

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