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Pokémon streamer refuses to continue The Teal Mask unity they catch this super rare shiny

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players are going nuts over trying to find a Shiny Artisan Poltchageist in The Teal Mask, but one streamer is actually refusing to play it at all until they catch one. They’ve been at it since the DLC released, and are still persisting this week.

The streamer, Vee, managed to find and catch a Shiny Sinstea Authentic in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Now they’re testing their luck and patience once again. But this time, it’s an even tougher task.

Poltchageist is one of the new Pokémon in The Teal Mask. It comes in two forms: Counterfeit Form, which lacks a stamp of authenticity, and Artisan Form, which has a stamp of authenticity. They’re both super rare, but the Artisan Form is even rarer.

The journey has been a roller coaster for Vee and their fans. They experienced the thrill of finding a Shiny Poltchageist, but it turned out to be the Counterfeit version. Sadly, there’s been no sign of a Shiny Artisan Poltchageist yet. But Vee is still as determined as ever. They’re on a mission, even if it means missing out on the other treasures in the DLC for a while.

Vee’s dedication has resonated with fans. The Pokémon community is buzzing about their efforts. It’s not only brought them new followers but it’s also encouraged others to start their own searches for the Shiny Artisan Poltchageist.

To improve the chances of finding one, Artisan Poltchageist Outbreaks are a good time to try. Either the Counterfeit or the Artisan Form can appear during them. Catching one is the only way to know which outbreak it is. Some players also use items like the Shiny Charm or enjoy a Sparkling Power Sandwich to help out. It’s all about patience and enjoying the process.

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