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Pokémon TCG finally brings the hammer down on counterfeit cards

If you’ve been involved with the Pokémon TCG space then there is a 100 percent chance you’ve stumbled upon a fake, or replica card. Well, The Pokémon Company in Japan is taking action to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Today, Creatures announced it will be cracking down on online marketplaces that list “replica” or “metal” Pokémon cards. Not only will it be requesting these listings be taken down, but the publishers will also look to take legal action against those who break the rules.

Replica cards have become a popular way to collect some of the rarest cards while cutting down the price tag substantially. Of course, these cards are not legal to play with and often boast distinctive signs that they aren’t what they seem. Similarly, metal Pokémon cards are a popular art piece that some fans choose to purchase for their displays.

The Pokémon Company claims the sales of these cards interfere with product integrity for the TCG and manufacturing them breaches trademarks and copyrighted materials related to Pokémon TCG. This shouldn’t come as too much of a shock given what they are.

It isn’t clear if this project to curb counterfeits will be extended to customs that are similarly produced to look like Pokémon cards but with custom artwork.

As of today, this push is kicking off in Japan, meaning that right now, only Japan-based auction sites are being monitored. However, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility we could eventually see this push expand across the globe. Counterfeit cards are a problem that isn’t new to Pokémon TCG or any card game for that matter, but perhaps with more sellers being pulled offline, we will start to see fewer of them in circulation.

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