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Spero Explains the Reasons for S8UL Esports’ Unwavering Fanbase

Indian esports caster Piyush “Spero” Bathla recently discussed why S8UL Esports, a mobile gaming focus organization, still gets sizable watching despite the unavailability of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and while streaming different PC games. Spero explained that viewers tune in to watch S8UL Esports content creators, like Naman “MortaL” Mathur, for who he is rather than what games he plays. He used his own experience to illustrate how audience loyalty works, noting that if a content creator builds a fan base around a specific game and then switches to a different game, some viewers may leave, but true fans will stay regardless of the content.

Spero states fans watch S8UL Esports creators for who they are and not the game they play

In a recent livestream, Spero was seen discussing different Indian esports organizations, players, and their fanbases. During this discussion, one of his viewers told him that S8UL Esports, which is a primarily mobile gaming-focused organization, did not convert its audience to PC Gaming, but Mortal still gets 10k and 15k watching while streaming PC games. Responding to this, Spero explained that it is not like MortaL converted his audience to PC gaming, but rather, viewers watch him for who he is.

Drawing from his own experience, Spero shared an example to elaborate on how audience loyalty works. He explained that if a content creator focuses on one particular game, where he gave the example of BGMI, and builds a fan base around it, fans will likely be interested in watching the content creator for that game specifically. “And if suddenly something happened with BGMI, and then, we switched to some other game. We started streaming, we started creating reaction videos, and we started doing a lot of different things. Suppose around ten thousand people used to watch us, but now, three to four thousand viewers would say that they like BGMI and they only want to watch BGMI. So, now out of 10 thousand people, seven thousand would be left,” he added. 

He concluded by saying, “If you are a good fan, then you will watch them (streamers or content creators) irrespective of what they do.”

S8UL Esports undoubtedly has one of the largest fan bases of any other esports organization in India. Despite starting as a PUBG Mobile team, the organization has expanded its horizon to other games and content creation as well. The organization recently won the “Content Group of the Year” award at the “Esports Awards 2022.

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