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Starfield merchants are poor and it’s testing the patience of players

The merchants and vendors in Starfield are so poor that it can take days for players to sell valuable items, and they’re over it and this tedious process. 

One of the amazing features of Starfield is that there are so many planets to explore and items for you to loot. While this is seen as a perk, there’s a downside to this as well. The merchants and vendors in Starfield have minimal Credits.

if you were to sell all your items to a merchant or at least bleed them dry of their Credits, it can take up to 48 in-game hours for them to replenish their Credit fund. This means that it can take several real-world days for you to sell the items you have in your inventory.

Not only is this incredibly frustrating, but it means you’re locking down precious inventory space, which could be used to hold more resources or even more valuable items.

Unfortunately, this is something that Bethesda is known for doing, as the same issues were found in Skyrim. The devs may have done this as a way to stretch out your Starfield experience or as a way to add more realism to the game in that small, middle-of-nowhere vendors wouldn’t have an infinite amount of Credits on them. 

While we don’t know why they would have done this, they could have added features and bonuses that we could buy with Skill Points, like increasing the merchant’s Credit supplies by 10 percent or making the vendor’s Credit amount proportionate to a player’s wealth.

For now, if you have many items to sell and no inventory space, you’re in for a long wait before you can sell everything.

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