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This VALORANT agent was quietly robbed of their signature voice line, and players aren’t happy

VALORANT Patch 7.09 was all about strengthening Cypher’s traps against the game’s scouting abilities, but apparently, the update also deleted one of his iconic features that players adored.

In a Reddit post dated Nov. 17, a player named Personal-Train-6686 pointed out Riot Games’ quiet move against Cypher’s ultimate voice line, “Give me a corpse!,” which no longer plays when you try to activate Neural Theft without a corpse in the vicinity. 

“That is a bigger nerf than any buff they could ever give him,” the player wrote in the post, and Cypher mains couldn’t agree more. 

“I was so sad when I finally realized I couldn’t do my GIGIGIGIGIGIGIGIVE ME A CORPSE,” the top comment on the thread read. “At least we’ve still got C-CAGE TRIGGERED.”

Well, now I know my teammate wasn’t lying when they weren’t able to activate Neural Theft because of the distance. I thought they bluffed and Cypher didn’t ask for a corpse (if you’re reading this, sorry).

“When I play Cypher, I always spam ult when I have it just to hear the GIGIGIGIGIGIMME A CORPSE,” one player wrote, and I bet every Cypher main can relate to this. Not one myself, but whenever I did play Cypher, I loved spamming the X button just to make a catchy tune out of it.

Strangely, none of the recent patch notes for VALORANT mention the change in Cypher’s Neural Theft dialogues. It looks like Riot went ahead with it quietly. 

I don’t remember hearing the “Gimme a corpse” dialogue after Patch 7.09 went live with the new Cypher changes, so it could be where the devs decided to deploy it. That said, considering the fact it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes, a bug could be preventing the dialogue from playing as intended. 

Every VALORANT ability comes with an alerting voice line that plays if the player is missing a requirement, and Cypher’s Neural Theft should have one too. I don’t see the harm in reminding a Cypher player that they need a corpse for their ultimate to activate, so if the change was unintended, Riot should reverse it soon.  

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