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Titanfall 2 gets mysterious new game mode weeks before 7th anniversary

In the eyes of many gamers, Titanfall 2 is Respawn’s magnum opus—sorry Apex Legends—but despite the outpours of love, this gem never actually got a sequel. Well, years later it seems all signs are pointing to fans getting something new.

Gamers first began noticing that Titanfall 2 is teasing a new game mode simply dubbed “???” on Sep. 18. Of course, this doesn’t really give anything away, but the game only recently received its first update in years, and now its seven-year anniversary is quickly approaching.

Titanfall’s recent update wasn’t the only thing that has fueled speculation among fans. Apex’s patch notes shared new Nessie Transmissions that, when decoded, referenced release dates for both Titanfall games and Apex.

We suggest you put your best tinfoil hat on, as Titanfall 2’s anniversary also coincidently lines up with the ending of Apex’s current battle royale season.

This season ends on Oct. 31, five days after Titanfall 2 anniversary.

While it will put a damper on all of the speculations, Respawn did recently speak about their upcoming plans. At that stage, they shared that the studio’s goal is developing an entirely new IP for a franchise, not Titanfall 3. Unless there is a giant misdirect going on, we expect the anniversary won’t bring the news fans are dying for.

That said, any new Titanfall 2 content is much appreciated by its still active community which has spiked since the recent update was rolled out.

With the new TF2 mode simply listed as “???” right now, there’s still a lot to be learned about what is coming, but for now, Titanfall fans can count this development as a win.

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