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Vitality’s perfect dragon fight sends them soaring over SK to top of LEC

Team Vitality conquered the top spot of the LEC Spring Split standings after handing SK Gaming their first loss of the regular season.Though the season is still far from over, one team is clearly ahead of the rest of the pack at the beginning of the second week of matches. 

Two undefeated teams met on the Rift, and only one could come out victorious. While SK Gaming kicked off the game by making Bo and Upset bleed for the first time this split, Vitality quickly recovered and gained a small lead over their opponents. 

Throughout the game, Vitality would keep a gold lead of just over 2K, but while they conquered all drakes, several towers, and took the lead in minions, SK still kept their cool and fought their opponents head-on, successfully taking down some of Vitality’s members. 

The game continued in the same vein until the Elder Drake spawned, and the fight around its buff swiftly put an end to the power struggle. Vitality controlled the bot side of the river with impeccable ward placement and champion positioning, while SK still had to make their way to the drake’s pit.

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Perkz zoned his opponents while his teammates shredded through the Elder’s life bar, when all of a sudden Markoon jumped in, ready to fight Bo head-on for the buff. Vitality’s jungler came out on top, giving his team the advantage needed to shut down SK. 

Having conquered the Elder Drake’s buff, and later the Baron’s, too, Vitality had the game in the palm of their hand and soon made the final move. SK could only put up one last defense in a game that spun out of their control in a matter of minutes. Ultimately, their Nexus exploded, signaling the end of the match in favor of Vitality. 

With this win, Vitality are now alone on the summit of the LEC, but it’s still early in the season. Soon, they will face off against G2 Esports next week at 5pm CT to try and maintain their lead.

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