Shannon Sharpe roasts Zach Wilson after Jets loss: ‘Couldn’t play dead in horror movie’

Shannon Sharpe didn’t hold back on the Jets’ nightmarish Sunday in Arlington, Texas.

When discussing the Jets’ 30-10 loss to the Cowboys on Monday’s episode of “First Take,” Sharpe roasted quarterback Zach Wilson, remarking how Aaron Rodgers’ mentee “couldn’t play dead in a horror movie.”

“I said it last week, you’re not going to win with him,” Sharpe said when asked by host Molly Qerim if the loss proved the Jets need another quarterback.

“I mean, the dude couldn’t play dead in a horror movie. How many scenes do you need to see?

“I’ve seen all of the ‘Friday the 13th’ [movies]. I’ve see all of the “A Nightmare on Elm Street” [movies] and he can’t play dead.”

Meanwhile, “First Take” host Stephen A. Smith and ESPN NFL analyst Ryan Clark couldn’t contain their laughter.

“That’s a beautiful line,” Smith said.

“At some point in time you have to come to the realization, he is what he is,” Sharpe said of the Jets’ situation with Wilson. “If you thought he could play just a tad, there is no way you would have mortgage what you mortgaged and paid Aaron Rodgers what you paid him.

“Now, it’s sad. It’s disheartening that four plays into his tenure with the Jets, he goes down and now your worst fear is realized, Zach Wilson has to play.

“And Greeny [ESPN ‘Get Up’ host Mike Greenberg] is right — they [the Jets] know he can’t play.

“He can’t convince anybody in that locker room because they saw it for an extended period of time … and he can’t play,” Sharpe said, referring to last season when Wilson was benched for Mike White.

Wilson had one touchdown and three interceptions in Sunday’s loss.

The third-year quarterback was 2-for-13 when passing under pressure against Dallas.

It marked Wilson’s first start of the season after Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles just four plays into the Jets’ home opener against the Bills on Sept. 11.

Wilson helped his team to a wild 22-16 overtime win against Buffalo before he struggled in Sunday’s 20-point loss to Dallas.

The Jets traded for Rodgers in April and planned to develop Wilson under the former four-time MVP’s mentorship.

The Jets host the Patriots in Week 3 on Sept. 24.

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