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The Global Mission of Best News

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“Bringing Everyone’s Stories Together” that’s Best News powered by Best Searching’s AI. We know the eyes and ears of the world are upon this platform and the Best News App which can be translated to virtually any language. Want to quickly learn about our editor Mark Sokol’s “magic” touch? Click here.

Best yet, our real mission is to fight homelessness in America and beyond with the help of our eventual million plus subscribers where 50% of our advertising revenues with be donated throughout the United States. The Editor-In-Chief of Best News, Mark Sokol knows first hand what it is like to be homeless, but Mark persevered in a “re-markable” story to eventually re-launch the Best brand and ultimately Best News And Media and its own social community of our subscribers, readers and writers: the “Best Power Network.” Watch for our limited series coming to streaming services and Best News And Movies in 2024!

You can count on Best News to help you navigate what’s happening in the world and how it affects you every minute of the day – every day.  Best News considers the needs, passions and curiosities of our readers in all of our stories and from our global contributors and journalists. If something is timely to our readers, it matters to us. That’s Best News. Regardless of where you live or who you are and what you believe, we are constantly striving to “Bring Everyone’s Stories Together.”

Best News And Media, Inc.

Best News And Media will be launching the “Best web” on the web. Our new powerful network will debut multiple platforms in multiple languages as we listen to our subscribers, readers and writers and cover the topics they want to read, watch, comment and share. Remember to subscribe, read and share today one of our many informative and interactive newsletters.

Best News is truly global and local with locally staffed pressrooms around the world contributing to the best stories and coverage which is informative and timely. Power to the people and to our platform. That’s why we encourage you to join the global discussion and become active in the Best Power Network. There is no cost and yes, you can become as powerful as you want with your stories and videos.

And, remember by helping Mark’s cause you expand our reach to help those in need across the globe as we are the only news platform that gives back to communities by donating 50% of our advertising revenues to fight homelessness in America and throughout the world. Isn’t that really the best news?

Best News Commitment To Inclusivity

“Bringing Everyone’s Stories Together” and “Bringing Everyone’s Strengths Together” are examples of the human adventure across the globe and our mission to show diversity in who we all are and the stories that you’ll want to read every day as the Best subscribers on web and on any device.

The truly best news means we strive to represent a diverse range of stories in our reporting and actively pursue diversity in our pressrooms and promote listening to our subscribers, readers and viewers to make sure we’re as open, just and responsive as possible.

Best News is here to serve a diverse global audience with stories that are genuine and timely. Best News is monitored to bring out the best in our writers and hope for the best coverage and examples of how to learn from our stories and make tomorrow better. We always are aware the eyes and ears of the world are upon us and we will never ever take that for granted.

Corrections, Disclosures And Standards

Best News will strive to correct any misstatements in a timely manner with a correction note appended to the top of an article or story to indicate what may have been fixed or updated. More prominent notices may be included for more egregious errors. Only after an extensive review by the Editor-In-Chief and his staff and upon finding fundamental flaws in the presenting of the news, etc. will always have an editor’s or editorial staff’s note or notes.

Best News and its affiliated pressrooms strive to be accurate in its reporting, transparent and thorough in its sourcing and fair and independent in its analysis. Best News and Best News And Media, Inc. strive to verify and corroborate information via multiple sources whenever possible. Best News will only offer anonymity to sources so they can provide information in the public interest without putting themselves at risk in any way. However, Best News does not grant anonymity to sources so they can avoid accountability for their news stories, opinions and postings which also includes the Best Power Network.

Best News and its advertisers include labeling to indicate when an article is advertising content those which will also include sponsored content and we will disclose relationships with outside partners who may underwrite any area of coverage, videos and or opinions.

BestNews.com is owned by Best News And Media, Inc.

Mark L. Sokol, Founder and Editor-In-Chief

This site is dedicated to Dorothy and Edward Sokol

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