Money Clinic podcast: What’s your financial new year resolution?

The new year is a perfect time to rethink and reorganise your financial affairs — but where should you start?

Podcast host Claer Barrett is joined by Iona Bain of Young Money blog, financial educator Timi Merriman-Johnson, also known as Mr Money Jar, and Sara Williams, the debt adviser behind the popular Debt Camel blog and Instagram account.

They discuss their own new year resolutions, and give advice on setting and sticking to your financial goals in the year ahead.

From finding smart ways to save to dealing with debts, the panel reveals plenty of digital tools that could help you keep better track of your budget in 2023. Plus, they debate whether it’s worth overpaying your mortgage as interest rates continue to rise, and pose a pension question that everyone over 45 needs to find out the answer to.

To listen, click on the link above or search for Money Clinic wherever you get your podcasts.

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