Caution as Futures Heat Up; Eos & Emerging Altcoin Gain Investors Approval

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Ethereum (ETH) is causing quite a stir lately after the recent SEC decision on Bitcoin ETF. It blasted past $3,200, grabbing the spotlight and drawing investors from every corner of the globe. But while the hype is real, it’s time to put on your thinking caps as futures markets start heating up. Take a closer peek at what’s going on in the market and keep an eye out for potential risks.

Meanwhile, two altcoins are catching the attention of the pros: EOS (EOS) and the emerging crypto InQubeta (QUBE). These are getting nods from the experts, offering up some seriously intriguing opportunities, especially if you’re diving into the world of crypto. So, let’s dive into what’s driving Ethereum’s rise and why Eos and InQubeta might just be the top picks for savvy beginner cryptocurrency investors in 2024.

Ethereum Hits the Heights: Surpassing Boundaries Amid Futures Buzz

Ethereum’s recent surge has resulted in it cruising past $3,200. The rally has a lot to do with people getting excited about the possibility of the SEC giving the nod to Ethereum Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). This shows how much sway Ethereum holds over the market.

But while Ethereum’s on the rise, it’s important to keep an eye on the futures game. Futures markets are buzzing with activity, and that can bring in some serious ups and downs in terms of price. Traders and analysts are watching those futures contracts like hawks because they can stir up some wild swings and speculative vibes, which might shake things up for Ethereum’s value in the short term.

As Ethereum keeps riding this wave, it’s smart for beginner cryptocurrency investors to play it safe and do their homework. Futures trading and market speculation can be a wild ride, so it’s all about staying cautious and doing your due diligence.

EOS: Climbing Anew

EOS has not been performing as well as other altcoins, recording a year-to-date decline of over 28%. However, it has recently been gaining some traction, posting a 12% increase over a one-month period. This may be attributed to the EOS Network CEO Yves La Rose’s announcement on addressing EOS inflation and implementing other measures to revive the currency.

These include capping the EOS supply at 2 billion tokens and minting around 818 million EOS. The spike in value didn’t go unnoticed, as some predictions for the currency are now bullish.

InQubeta: Redefining Investment in AI Startups

InQubeta (QUBE) is lighting up the blockchain ICO and crypto scene with some serious innovation, offering up a slick platform with a popular NFT marketplace that links AI startups and investors like never before.

Their homegrown token, QUBE, runs on Ethereum and comes with a sweet deflationary setup to keep you holding long-term and engaged in the ecosystem. But here’s where it gets really cool: InQubeta’s flipping the script on crowdfunding by letting you dive into AI startup investments through NFTs, creating a win-win vibe for both backers and dream-chasing entrepreneurs.

And it’s not just about the cash. InQubeta’s all about building up the AI community. They’re providing promising AI startups with the resources they need to succeed in their ventures. InQubeta is also community-driven, with QUBE holders able to shape the future of the platform through voting and by making proposals.

The InQubeta presale has been a hit, pulling in over $10.3 million and moving over 831 million tokens. Stage 8, offering QUBE ERC20 coins at $0.0245 each, is just starting.


As Ethereum keeps soaring because of the potential approval of ETH ETFs and EOS and InQubeta step up, there’s a whole world of opportunities waiting for investors ready to dive into the future of digital assets.

If you want to know more about InQubeta (QUBE) and join a community leading the charge in AI investment, visit their website and be part of the conversation on Twitter. Don’t miss the chance to ride the wave of innovation with InQubeta.

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