2025 Ford Ranger PHEV Debuts With Up To 28 Miles Of Electric Range

Following a short teaser campaign, Ford unveils the first-ever Ranger with a plug. The 2025 Ranger PHEV will go into production late this year with deliveries scheduled to kick off in the first months of next year. It’s important to note, however, that for now, the automaker is only detailing the Ranger PHEV for the European market and there’s no word yet regarding a North American launch.

The Ranger is currently Europe’s best-selling truck and Ford expands its range with the addition of a 2.3-liter plug-in hybrid system. It combines the power of the turbocharged four-pot combustion mill with an electric motor and a small battery pack. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide output figures but it claims the Ranger PHEV delivers more torque than any other production Ranger in history. While we don’t know the power numbers, there are a number of comparisons that can give us some context.

When equipped with the 3.0-liter V6 diesel, the truck has 443 pound-feet of torque. In terms of power, the 2.3-liter EcoBoost in non-electrified form generates 270 horsepower, and the new plug-in hybrid powertrain most likely tops that figure thanks to the added electric support.

Range-wise, Ford says it targets a fully electric range of up to 28 miles on a single charge of the battery. Last but not least, the estimated braked towing capability is 7,716 pounds, which matches the rest of the Ranger’s range. Another novelty Ford introduces to the Ranger family is the Pro Power Onboard, which provides power outlets in the cargo bed for tools and appliances. 

Visually, there aren’t many differences between the standard combustion-powered models and the new plug-in hybrid version. Obviously, there’s a charging port mounted on the rear fender and you might also notice the new design for the 18-inch wheels. Last but not least, there’s PHEV lettering on the side sills. 

As mentioned above, Ford will put the new Ranger PHEV on the production lines later this year and will have the first examples delivered to customers early next year. The electrified truck will be initially available in Wildtrak trim exclusively, though more grades could join the lineup soon. As a final note, Volkswagen still hasn’t confirmed a plug-in hybrid version of the Amarok, which is built by Ford at its plant in South Africa.

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