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Pick of the Day: 1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

Owning a classic car is rewarding, but collecting the memorabilia and swag that goes along with the vehicle is equally enjoyable for me. Over the years, I have expanded my “car swag” to include things like diecast models, signage, brochures, service manuals, and other artifacts. It’s fun to see that I am not alone in the hobby. The seller of this Camaro definitely “gets it,” too:  

The Pick of the Day is a low-mileage 1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z coupe listed for sale on by a private seller in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Click the link to view the listing) 

“This sports car has a magnificent black/red color combination that is absolute head-turning condition. I’ve had numerous people pass me on the highway and give me a thumbs up sign.”  

The third generation Camaro came out over 30 years ago, with production starting in October 1981 and initial sales taking place about two months later. The body style took on a utilitarian hatchback design, and the overall silhouette was more angular and wedge-shaped compared to the outgoing model. Big news came a few years later in 1985 when Chevrolet introduced the “IROC-Z” model – named after the “International Race of Champions.” It came with an upgraded suspension, Bilstein shock absorbers, larger sway bars, and a special 350cid small-block engine with tuned-port fuel injection.  

Today’s car is an IROC-Z with only 74,450 miles on the odometer that has been owned long-term by the seller. The listing says that the car runs well, and the air intake system has been upgraded for maximum air flow and power (thanks to K&N air filters). “I have kept the car in the garage the entire time that I have owned the car for the past seven years, and never drove it in rain or snow.” 

Adding to the “enthusiast-owned” nature of this F-body are the items that come along with it: “I think my fondness for the car is obvious and please take a look at my IROC shrine/shelf with all the extras that I have on display. All these must be included with the purchase,” the seller says. The referenced photo has a metal Camaro logo sign, a wooden board, a scale model, and a framed photo.  

The asking price is $18,895 for the car and all its accompanying merchandise. 

To view this Pick of the Day on, check out the listing here.  

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