Tesla Introduces New Extended Service Agreements, Warranty Coverage

Tesla has added Extended Service Agreements for its entire EV lineup. While it seems the company hasn’t yet posted the update on its own social media channels, it has updated its official website with the details.

Not long ago, Tesla investor Sawyer Merritt took to Twitter to share that Tesla has updated its official website with detailed information about the new Extended Service Agreements. In fact, there’s a full webpage in the “Support” section of Tesla’s site, which is comprised of a number of topics and questions to ensure owners understand the agreements. The webpage intro reads:

“If your 2012-2020 Model S, 2015-2020 Model X, Model 3 or Model Y is still covered by its Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty for new vehicles, you may be eligible to purchase an Extended Service Agreement (ESA) to extend certain coverage by up to 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever occurs first.”

As you can see, the ESA extends coverage in the US for up to 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Vehicle eligibility for the new ESA is as follows:

If you own an eligible vehicle, you can use your Tesla Mobile App to purchase the agreement. If you’d rather talk to someone first, you can also purchase the ESA at a Tesla Service Center. However, you can only get it prior to the expiration of your Tesla’s Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty. That said, regardless of the time of purchase, the ESA coverage will officially begin once the electric car’s original warranty expires.

Pricing for the new Extended Service Agreement is as follows:

  • Model S: $3,100
  • Model X: $3,500
  • Model 3: $1,800
  • Model Y: $2,000

Much like a typical warranty, the extended agreement covers the repair and replacement of parts due to defects in both the materials and the workmanship. It only covers parts that were either produced or supplied by Tesla during the car’s original coverage period.

It’s important to note that Tesla’s EV batteries and powertrain parts have a completely separate warranty, which won’t be extended or covered by purchasing the new agreement. Moreover, not every single detail of the car’s original warranty will automatically be covered by the ESA. As always, there are exclusions. Be sure to read through the details carefully before moving forward.

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