Agora aims to improve EV roaming

Two Canadian EV charging networks and ChargeHub have partnered to launch Agora, which aims to allow commercial fleet managers and EV drivers to charge on multiple networks using a single account.

The Electric Circuit and B.C. Hydro have signed onto the program, which received financial support from Natural Resources Canada.

Those behind the initiative say Agora will enable “EV roaming,” allowing customers to increase the number of public charging stations available to them using a single payment method. Agora proposes a bilingual pan-Canadian campaign to promote awareness of the new initiative.

“As manager of the Agora project, ChargeHub seeks to federate the industry around greater charging network interoperability, which we believe is essential to accelerate the electrification of transportation,” said Simon Ouellette, CEO of ChargeHub. “With the growth of public charging networks, we as an industry must always aim to offer the best charging experience for end users. The Agora initiative ensures that the industry shares this vision and scales up EV roaming.”

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