Nova Scotia offers rebates for zero-emission vehicles

Nova Scotia will offer rebates of up to $50,000 per medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicle, depending on its class.

Eligible vehicles include vans and trucks used for commercial or industrial purposes that weigh more than 3,856 kilograms (8,500 pounds), according to a news release.

“Transportation is Nova Scotia’s second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions,” said Tory Rushton, minister of natural resources and renewables. “Moving to zero-emission vehicles reduces emissions and supports our goal of reaching net zero by 2050. So, we’re continuing to offer rebates for electric cars and bikes and adding a pilot program with new rebates for larger vehicles.”

Clean Foundation is administering the new pilot through the Electrify Nova Scotia Rebate Program. It will offer rebates to businesses, non-profits, municipalities and Mi’kmaw communities that want to move to electric vehicles.

The province is investing $500,000 in the one-year pilot program. Rebates are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and will remain available until the program budget is exhausted or the program is terminated.

The provincial rebate can be combined with the federal government’s Incentives for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles Program. More than 20 larger electric vehicles have been rebated in Nova Scotia under the federal program since it launched in 2022.

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