Watch Ken Block Posthumously Melt Tires In His Last-Ever Gymkhana Video

Last year, Ken Block took the bonkers Audi S1 Hoonitron to Las Vegas for his first all-electric Gymkhana adventure. After his tragic snowmobiling accident in January, we thought the Vegas smoke show would be the end of the Ken Block Gymkhana era. But we were wrong. He filmed one more adventure late last year in Mexico, and it’s finally here.

Officially called Electrikhana Two: Mexico City, the Head Hoonigan in Charge (HHIC) shows no mercy to tires in several locations around the iconic capital city. Technically, it starts at the Plaza de Toros Mexico, but the video opens with an interesting all-wheel-drive burnout the likes of which you’ve never seen. Watch closely – the Audi’s front wheels are turning backward while the rears spin forward. That’s the magic of electric power and multiple motors, and that’s just the beginning of the trickery to come.

The video kicks off with a sprint outside of the stadium, leading to drifts, spins, tight donuts, and some near misses as he launches over curves and clips walls. When the Audi S1 E-Tron Quattro was first revealed, a specific value for the one-off wasn’t mentioned but the word millions was used frequently. The plethora of busted Audi parts we see in this video suggests Block wasn’t thinking about such things for this particular Gymkhana session.

Eventually, the action reaches the airport where we get some neat-o spins, drifts, and a 126-mph straight-line speed run. Then comes another new trick. We don’t know if there’s a specific name for it, so we’ll just dub it the Hoonitron J-Turn. The electrically driven wheels can instantly change direction from forward to reverse, and Block makes use of that capability to spin the car from forward to reverse and back forward, all without losing much speed. Jump to the 7:15 mark to see what we’re talking about.

Electrikhana Two Screenshot
Electrikhana Two Screenshot
Electrikhana Two Screenshot

Or better yet, just watch from start to finish and enjoy the ride from the man who turned this genre on its head. The video ends with a montage from all of Block’s Gymkhana videos, going back to the OG clip from 2008. It’s nice to see him in action, one last time.

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