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When: April 8th, 2024, at 11:20 am PT

What: Solar North Node eclipse in Aries 

Takeaway: This galvanizing eclipse will activate motivation and vitality. Just remember to schedule in naptime. This day also features a growth-inducing Chiron cazimi, which will highlight any hidden doubts blocking you from chasing down your dreams. 

This Aries eclipse taps into your passion, hunger, and drive

The solar eclipse in Aries on April 8th is a flash point for shake-ups, surprises, and synchronicities. Eclipses have been occurring across the Aries/Libra axis since April of 2023, sparking plot twists around issues of personal agency and relationships. 

As an energetic, Mars-ruled sign, Aries enters every scene with hooves blazing. This cardinal fire sign delights in heroic feats, tests of inner and outer strength, and opportunities to sharpen its sword against the whetstone of life’s challenges. Competition — whether with itself or with others — is its chosen classroom. And similarly, the Aries eclipse on April 8th rallies our bravest selves to the forefront. 

But this eclipse also amplifies the ram’s craving for an adrenaline rush, since it takes place next to the North Node of the Moon, a point in space that denotes increase. The ancients mythologized the North Node as the head of a ravenous dragon — aflame with desire, but disconnected from the feeling of satiation in its belly. When celestial events occur on or near the North Node, they become infused with a sense of hunger, restlessness, and drive that can feel bottomless at times. On or around April 8th, be wary of the instinct to push yourself and your adrenals too hard in the pursuit of your goals. If you find yourself logging hours on projects late into the night, mentally racing into the future, or overly taxing your body, summon the balancing medicine of Aries’ opposite — the Venus-ruled sign of Libra. A dab of rose-scented essential oil on the temples and a nice nap should do the trick. And if self-absorption is on the rise, it doesn’t hurt to practice asking how others are doing too. 

Face your fears with the Chiron cazimi

Remember to keep your journal close at hand because another significant celestial event will be occurring on the same day. Enter: the Chiron cazimi. Mythologically, Chiron was a half-man, half-centaur, known for being a “wounded healer.” But he was also a wise mentor and teacher. Astrologically, Chiron is a minor planet that helps us learn and grow through encounters with our psyche’s tender spots. On April 8th, the same day as the eclipse, at 11:28 am PT, Chiron slips within one degree of the Sun, entering a purified state known as a cazimi. At this time, the limiting fears that block us from fully tapping into our independence, desire, and personal power will rise to the surface of our lives to be grappled with. This might mean becoming aware of areas where we’ve stifled our bold opinions, healthy aggression, or vital life force. It could also mean the opposite: feeling extra hot under the collar and more likely to throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat.

It’s usually not comfortable to witness the more brazen and less polished aspects of ourselves. But consider this a threshold moment in your journey to recover your moxie. Courageously meeting the fire-breathing dragons of your limiting beliefs or misaligned anger is key to accessing the sparkling treasures clasped in their claws.

Trust your inner authority during eclipse and retrograde turbulence

This eclipse is a solar eclipse, which means that the light of the Sun appears to be temporarily snuffed out. The Sun is traditionally exalted in Aries, so it holds a place of honor in this sign. When Sol’s light is dimmed, it can sometimes signify a literal “fall from grace” for authority figures. Around the time of the eclipse, world leaders may be humbled or lose their bearings. Similarly, we may have to reassess whether we’re taking our inner marching orders from our brightest selves. 

To add to the flaming festivities, Mercury will still be retrograde in Aries until it stations direct on April 25th. The standard Mercury retrograde protocol applies doubly here: use consideration with your words, be cautious when handling technology, and when in doubt, fact-check. Speaking carelessly in the heat of the moment or making fiery points in clumsy ways can accidentally scorch the conversational earth. But luckily you have a fire extinguisher on hand to temper the flames: your sense of humor. Laugh off errors when you can, give yourself extra grace, and keep it moving. 

Eclipses can be eerie moments, and it’s wise to lay low and rest up while they’re occurring. But you may need help shaking out the jitters or releasing pent-up frustration around April 8th. Spending time in nature, with pets, or roaring into a pillow can reset your system and help you access the transformational possibilities crackling throughout the ether during this time. 

11 ways to work with the solar eclipse in Aries

  1. Expect the unexpected. Schedule breathing room in your calendar as a buffer against unforeseeable events.
  2. Refrain from making big decisions or launching major initiatives from March 25th to April 8th 28th (aka eclipse season). Eclipse energy is volatile, so it’s best to start projects after the turbulence has passed.
  3. Craft a list of your goals. Then journal about what limiting beliefs are blocking you from pursuing them. Brainstorm healthy mindset shifts you could make to fuel your fire.
  4. Practice activities that discharge the jitters. If you feel like you’ve just downed three shots of espresso, go on a cleaning spree, take up a new hobby, or play with a fidget toy.
  5. Ground into your senses, especially if excess energy is making you feel unrooted. Spend time in nature or with pets. Breathe into your belly. Cook nourishing meals.
  6. Rest abundantly. Limiting screen time, anointing yourself with essential oils, or meditating before bed can all help you unwind.
  7. Prioritize quality time with the people and activities that replenish your system. Say no to everything else for now.
  8. Make time to feel. Morning crying sessions, afternoon dates with your journal, and/or spontaneous dance parties can all help facilitate your emotions. 
  9. Listen to the Astrology of the Week Ahead podcast, as well as Your Reading in the “This Week” section of the CHANI app.
  10. Learn whether this eclipse is affecting your chart directly by checking your Transits in the CHANI app. You can also find out how your rising sign will be impacted by reading your Current Sky horoscope for the Sun in Libra.
  11. Work through any emotions that this eclipse brings up by utilizing the Guided Meditation, Journal Prompts, and Ritual in the “This Week” section of the CHANI app.


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