9 Vogue Editors Share Their Go-To Party Tops

I love crop tops (in all seasons) and am always looking for interesting takes on the style. Monse really did something with this woven leather masterpiece. The buckles, the stitching, the gorgeous cognac brown leather… I’m dying to wear it while lounging in plush banquette seating and sipping a vodka martini—preferably while Kelis’s “Bossy” plays in the background. —Leah Faye Cooper, digital style director


interwoven leather crop top

Some of the magic of original Jean Paul Gautier designs is the illusion of it all—is it sheer? Is that just your body or a clever trick of the print? While you’re completely covered, this top is sexy. And it’s an original, so you’re owning a piece of fashion history. —Margaux Anbouba, beauty and wellness editor

My go-to is my Paris Georgia heart singlet, hands down. I have it in black and white and yellow. It’s flattering, no-effort (read: no-bra) and looks great with jeans. A staple. —Madeleine Schulz, Vogue Business reporter

Long live the going out top! I appreciate a mullet-approach to night out-dressing—business in the front, party in the back. A backless top is just the ticket, oftentimes paired with a trouser, baggy jean, or maxi skirt and heel. I like a satin or cotton fabric, generally speaking, but for more glam occasions—sequins are always a good option. —Kiana Murden, beauty shopping writer

Ronny Kobo

Ada open-back satin halterneck top

A.W.A.K.E. Mode

backless sequined halterneck top

I got the Attersee Sculpted Vest in black velvet last winter and it has become the top I pull for any evening out, paired with either with dark denim or black wide leg trousers, it’s business, its fun, its everything you want! —Chloe Malle, editor of 

I’m a big jeans-and-T-shirt girl, so I like to level up my pared-down look when I go out. I love to wear a sexier variation on a tank top, like this one-shouldered Agolde. I’ve also had my eye on this backless Emily Dawn Long tank for a while, too. —Hannah Jackson, fashion writer


Nessa one-shoulder cotton tank

I feel like an absolute stone-cold hottie in this handmade Feeling Space top my boyfriend got for me a few months ago for absolutely no reason. I’ve never known a keyhole top to be big-rack-friendly, but this one is, and the color makes me feel like a sexy analyst in the 1970s. —Emma Spector, culture writer

Feeling Space

Chartreuse long-sleeve top

Call me basic, but I think a white tank top is the best going out top. Pair it with some fun jeans and a heeled boot, mini skirt and leather jacket or low-waisted trousers and blazer! The white tank top has never failed me. —Florence O’Connor, associate producer

I feel like those who proclaim the “going out top is dead” live in warm weathered climates where they drive places. Sure, if I lived in a place where it was seventies and sunny all the time, I too would have a closet full of flirty minidresses ready to whip out at every dinner invitation. But guess what! I live a life where it always seems to be 37 degrees and raining! And somehow there’s always too much traffic from the Holland Tunnel for me to take an Uber, so I’m trudging to the subway station, which is flooded due to aforementioned rain, so I have to take a giant leap over a dirty puddle that may or may not contain traces of the Bubonic plague, praying I don’t break an ankle in the process. All that being said: I’m wearing pants and a knit top from either Simkhai or Khaite. —Elise Taylor, senior living writer


Ricki off-the-shoulder wool-blend top

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