December’s full moon in Gemini equals heated words and head games

There’s a full moon rising and bad blood a boiling my babies, putting an erratic cherry on the bitter ice cream sundae that is 2022.

Fresh off an eclipse season on the Taurus/Scorpio axis and balls deep in a Mars retrograde, the final full moon of the year will not see us going gently into that good night when it reaches it’s peak fullness on December 7 at 11:08 p.m. EST.

No sir.

Our last lunation will find the moon in a difficult conjunction with the planet of war, aggravating feelings of confusion and ire.

But fear not and take heart, as it is through adversity that we come to know what we are capable of. I’m not sure if I wrote that myself or a militant gym teacher shouted it at me while I was attempting pull ups as a teenager, but you get it. From the suck comes the strength, folks.

Read on to learn more about how to safely harness and consciously revere the power of this full moon.

Moon conjunct Mars in Gemini, double yikes

December’s full moon is commonly referred to as the cold moon and we can heed its call by chilling our proverbial tits. A charge easier said than done given that the moon will be exactly conjunct Mars, planet of f**king and fighting, willpower and warfare which is currently retrograde in the dicey, double dealing sign of Gemini. The moon relates to our emotions and instincts and Mars to aggression and actualization. Thus this conjunction intensifies, and adds a healthy dose of feels, to the themes of this Mars retrograde.

Since it began its backspin October 30, Mars has been begging us to reconsider how and where we invest our energies and to what end. This is a time for observation rather than action, plotting a course rather than taking a leap (or a swing at a stranger). A spirit of restraint is also called for during this full moon conjunction, take stock of ,but not necessarily steps toward, your purpose. Consider all of the feelings that gurgle to the top of the swamp of your heart and think about what kind of path they could be calling you towards.

Moon trine Saturn, daddy’s got your back

In good news, the full moon in Gemini is forming a trine with Saturn, playing on its home field of Aquarius. Saturn, known for tough love and stern strategy, is synonymous with dad vibes but in the case of this trine, he’s being they type of cool dad that helps you with your science fair project and takes you out for ice cream when you lose the big game and need to talk about switching sports. With the moon in the sign of communication and Saturn in the sign of innovation and the collective there’s real potential for inspiration to arise from unexpected conversations and for frustration to beget fruition.

WTF do I do?

With the moon in fast talking, double dealing Gemini a clearing of the mind via meditation is advisable as is a thoughtful, written dialogue with your past, present and future self . Putting to paper your thoughts about where you are, have been and wish to be going will serve as welcome purge in the here and now and a valuable tool for reflection and calibration in the weeks to come. Listen for the unexpected and be willing to consider a wild departure from the status quo. Put yourself at the forefront of all that you do today, get naked under the moonlight if possible and don’t forget to howl at and for the gift of your own existence.

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