From Rihanna’s Maternity Wear to Kim’s Marilyn Moment, the 17 Defining Looks of 2022 

During a year that has been defined by sheer dresses, there were some who used all that gossamer-fine fabric to make a statement (“Grow up, respect people,” said Valentino’s pink lady Florence Pugh), and others who simply showed just how fabulous they look in next to nothing (Kate Moss, the now-celestial beauty influencer, we’re looking at you). 

While the girls have brought sexy back, the guys have been going their own way in linen skirts (hi Brad!), backless halters (has Timothée Chalamet been crushing on Mick Jagger?), and feathered ballgown skirts (it’s all industry, baby, for Lil Nas X). 

It wouldn’t be a major looks list without the royals, who did Top Gun glamour, or Rihanna, who redefined maternity dressing, but a surprising contender also wormed their way into mainstream fashion with a little help of some artful prosthetics. Here’s to Heidi Klum, and everyone who dressed a little differently this year. 

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