Here’s which makeup look to try based on your zodiac sign

New year, new you. With the new year approaching now is the perfect time to try a new look.

Beauty: it is one of the most widely grossing and powerful industries in the world. Since the dawn of mankind, people have sought to enhance their natural features and embrace the styles and fashions of their present day. With advancements in beauty technology taking place all the time, new products, trends and applications are emerging for people to experiment with and utilize.

Attraction is one of the greatest assets one can have in a world where we seek to not only express ourselves, but to accentuate the beauty that also lives within. Whether you’re going for a bolder look or a natural one, specific trends are becoming universal and some products are becoming “must haves.”

To understand the vast world of beauty and make-up trends, the New York Post spoke exclusively with entertainment and Hollywood make-up artist, Lizzy Polanco. We put our heads together to create the definitive list of best make-up trends and products for each zodiac sign. Follow Lizzy Polanco for everything in beauty and make-up!

Find out which make-up trend and product is the best for your zodiac sign!


Aries is the leader of the zodiac and ruled by mighty Mars. The red planet gives Aries a bold personality, never afraid to express themselves or try out a sizzling, sultry beauty look. Your major make-up trend is to strike out as your fiery self by popping a bold, crimson hue lip color to make a statement. Lizzy’s fav is here!


Tauruses are always enchantingly beautiful because their planetary ruler is sweet Venus. However, Taurus is also an Earth sign, which makes them love jewel tones with a hint of luxury. Capture your eternal radiance by incorporating greens into their makeup wardrobe. You’ll stand out by playing up your eyes with shadows in shades of emerald, evergreen and sage. Lizzy’s fav is here!


Gemini brings more sugar and spice than nearly any other zodiac sign! Also, because they are an adventurous Air sign ruled by Mercury and symbolized by the Twins, they favor variety and spontaneity when it comes to their beauty. This brings plenty of dazzle to their aesthetic plus tons of fun. Yellow, blue and green shadows in metallic, iridescent and shimmer finishes suit this sign best. Lizzy’s fav is here!


Sensitive and sweet Cancer is a Water sign with incredible depth. While they can sometimes have a hard shell with a much softer interior, when it comes to their beauty, they always want to mirror the ever-changing shimmer of the rising tides. Their key make-up trend ties to the hues of their birthstone: ruby and pearl. Make your eyes pop by adding some dazzling, pearl colored highlight along the cheekbones and finish with a striking, creamy ruby red lip. Lizzy’s fav is here!


Mighty Leo never blends in! Ruled by the glorious Sun and symbolized by the regal lion, Leos are expressive and always ready to stand out from the pack. With a creative flair, they’re eager to radiate like the stars that they are with their corresponding color orange. Your eternal beauty secret is to embrace your lioness energy by incorporating a ravishing hue of orange on your lips and cheeks. Lizzy’s fav is here!


As an Earth sign, Virgos love to accentuate their natural beauty and play to their strengths. However, because they’re ruled by mental Mercury, they can also bring a bit of flair and spontaneity to their beauty routine. Tones of green and brown encapsulate the essence of this sweet zodiac sign. Brighten out your best features by applying different shades of brown to your eyes and line your water line with a forest green eyeliner to immerse yourself in your full Virgo power. Lizzy’s fav is here!


Of all the zodiac signs, Libras are often one of the most beautiful of all. This is because they are ruled by majestic Venus, the planet of beauty, art and design. This often leads a Libra to get creative with their beauty aesthetic, trying out many different looks before they ultimately settle on a balanced, elegant one. A tried and true way to bring out your best Libra beauty is to add opal inspired eye shadow shades, highlight and glossy lips. Lizzy’s fav is here!


Enigmatic Scorpio isn’t afraid of getting intense when it comes to their beauty and style. Ruled by fiery Mars and mysterious Pluto, this Water sign loves to turn heads as they walk by. Bold, shocking and elusive, Scorpios stand out best in black and red. A classic, black winged liner paired with matte, red lips is sure to bring out your innate power. Lizzy’s fav is here!


As a Fire sign, Sagittarius loves to shake it up, set themselves apart and embrace the daring side of beauty. They’re also ruled by mighty Jupiter, the planet of luck, fortune and expansion, which means that they’re often displaying their “go big or go home” mentality. Channel your inner flame and be spontaneous with enchanting hues of shimmering Amethyst eye shadows. Pair it with washes of turquoise bottom shadow for your best Sagittarius self. Lizzy’s fav is here!


Capricorns love to show off their confidence by channeling Earth sign energy and their planetary ruler, Saturn. They have a natural knack for walking around with confidence and ambition! Don’t shy away from your innate power. You’ll fare well in charcoal pencil eyeliner drawn across the top and bottom of your eyes. Apply a garnet shade of lip stain to compliment your look. Lizzy’s fav is here!


The best thing about an Aquarius is you can always spot them a mile away! When it comes to their beauty routine, they’re always ready to showcase their innate authenticity and stand apart from the crowd. Ruled by Uranus, this Air sign is linked to turquoise and blue. Capture your dreamy side by rocking out rebelliously with blue mascara and light purple shadows. Lizzy’s fav is here!


Ethereal, magical Pisces is a mystical soul. As a Water sign ruled by imaginative Neptune, they love to show off their creative flair. Don’t shy away from embracing your spiritual side in your beauty routine. Consider applying sea foam green into your makeup. Think sparkly shadows in this shade as well as aquamarine liner to harness your best Pisces self. Lizzy’s fav is here!

Special thanks to Lizzy Polanco for collaborating with me on this article!

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Lizzy Polanco began working in the beauty industry at the age of 19. She has over a decade of experience working with different mediums from personal beauty makeup to character makeup, film, celebrity, and special fx, with the last seven years working in film production. Her work has been featured online, in magazines, music videos, TV, and film. She currently works as a freelance makeup artist in Los Angeles.

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