Jennifer Lopez Does High-Low Dressing the J.Lo Way

Overalls are a unifying object of clothing, counting babies, farmers, and pregnant women among their many avowed fans. But one perhaps doesn’t immediately associate Jennifer Lopez—a woman who carries a rhinestone-covered cup and has a collection of rare Birkins—with the humble overalls.

However, today, in true J.Lo fashion, she took high-low dressing to the extreme. Lopez, joined by husband Ben Affleck, was spotted out and about in Los Angeles wearing none other than a pair of baggy, dark wash overalls. She wore her dungarees over a white waffle long sleeve, underneath an off-white knit cardigan. 

While she admittedly looked a little out of the ordinary in such a utilitarian getup, Lopez put her own classic J.Lo spin on the outfit. She cuffed the bottom of her baggy overalls to reveal a pair of mini Uggs (with an ultra-high platform, of course). She also donned a pair of oversized gold hoops—another staple in her wardrobe. And, true to form, no outfit is complete without a member of her aforementioned bag collection. 

On this occasion, Lopez opted for a blood orange Kelly made of a shiny crocodile skin, one of the rarest and most desirable iterations of the Hermès bag, with similar pieces fetching nearly $60,000 on resale markets. For a woman who owns more Hermès bags than she has fingers (and quite possibly toes, too), including the ultra-rare Himalayan crocodile Birkin that she broke out for her recent album-slash-movie-musical-slash-documentary press tour, it may just be her errands bag. But who else would pair their Kelly with overalls, if not Jennifer Lopez?

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