Karlie Kloss and Tabria Majors Star in Coterie’s Latest Campaign — Exclusive Interivew

“You kind of just have to trust the process. I have learned to love and respect my body through this process, and with that comes changes,” says Kloss. “Of course, I have all the things like stretch marks and all the fun post-baby body things that I’m not mad at. They make me who I am, and I’m so grateful for that.”

Pre- and post-pregnancy can be a lonely experience, even if you are lucky enough to have a full support system. Which is why Majors says sharing pregnancy stories is important to help people feel less alone. She tells me about the outpour of love and support from fans over her birthing story has been an emotional, yet beautiful experience. She even recalls one woman messaging her and saying that her story encouraged her to proceed with her own home birthing—something that Majors says she will never forget. “I just thought that was really powerful and inspiring for me,” she says. “That just makes me feel really good that my story could impact somebody in such a way.”

It would be remiss to not acknowledge that the launch of Coterie’s campaign coincidently coincides with news of the Alabama Supreme Court ruling that embryos created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) are considered people, putting the legality of the procedure into question and further harming reproductive health care. The fight to protect reproductive rights is at the forefront during what is shaping to be a contentious presidential election year.  These issues are not lost on either Kloss or Majors, who both intentionally pick brand partnerships that not only align with their personal beliefs but can also help make a difference. Both credit Coterie for creating a safe space for women to advocate for themselves. 

“[I] hate that our bodies are being policed; I don’t understand how that’s even a thing. It makes no sense,” says Majors. “I think that’s why it’s important for these partnerships to happen. [But] even outside of partnerships, you don’t have to be paid to speak up. You should just want to speak up naturally because this affects everybody on such a macro level.”

“It’s an individual’s choice if and when they’re ready to become a parent. This is such a profound life change in every way and I think it should be an individual’s choice if and when they’re ready for that,” adds Kloss. “It [has] only reconfirmed my passion and commitment to fighting for reproductive rights, certainly in every state in this country.”

I ask them what’s the best mom advice they’ve received, and both give two truths that could be applied to all facets of life: trust the timing of the universe and trust yourself. “You just have to learn to roll with the punches,” says Kloss. “Motherhood is messy and amazing. I think [it has] actually been so important for me to be more comfortable with not being able to control everything because that’s just the way it goes.”

“Trust your gut, trust your instinct,” adds Majors. “Especially as a first-time parent, you think that you don’t know anything (and you don’t), but you figure it out as you go along. And even if you didn’t research yourself to death, which I know everybody does nowadays, you will know what to do. You will figure out what to do. Your instincts will kick in, and it’s just a crazy feeling.”

Noted for my future self.

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