Molly Gordon—And Her Mom—Take Paris

According to Molly Gordon, her personal style can be boiled down to “no pants and a big shirt that says things like ‘Michael’s 14th Birthday Party’ or ‘Let’s Go Lakers’ on it.”

The actor, writer, and director is best be known for her role as Carmy’s love interest Claire on The Bear, and her directorial debut Theater Camp. Lately, Gordon is back to the drawing board on her own creative endeavors—hence, she says, the big shirt, no pants uniform. But when she does leave the house, she opts for loose jeans and blouses. Though with spring approaching, she can look to a Broadway legend she’s long admired: “Elaine Stritch is my style icon and she never wore pants,” she says. “I love to be comfortable and I’m obsessed with dresses!”

Luckily, Gordon got to break out a particularly special dress for the Valentino fall 2024 show in Paris this weekend. With her mother along for the ride, Gordon has enjoyed exploring a new-to-her city. “My mom and I walked 6 miles yesterday—my feet hurt but my soul was happy,” she said. “I love to sit in a cafe and people watch and translate their conversations even though I don’t speak one word of French.”

The day of the Valentino show, Gordon started the morning off strong with coffee and bread. “My mom and I are currently wearing matching Target pajamas. I’ll make a joke about that that isn’t funny and then take a shower in shame,” she says. After cleansing herself of her mortification, she got dressed in a black empire waist minidress (“It’s so comfortable and has pockets!!!”) with a rhinestone encrusted bow top. “It makes me feel dare I say…a little fun and sexiiii (sorry),” she says. “This was my stylist Jared [Ellner]’s favorite as well. We both immediately leaped towards it.”

Now, with the show behind her, Gordon has some leisurely activities left on her agenda. “Probably another walk. Another coffee. A glass of wine with my friends Rachel [Sennott], Jared, Geraldine [Viswanathan], and of course my mom.”

Below, join Molly Gordon (and her mom) as she gets ready for the Valentino show in Paris.

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