New Moon in Capricorn: Schedule sex and reach climax and commitment

Our last new moon of the year is upon us and it’s casting its dark light in boundary holding, grind or die, if you build it they will come and/or be conquered Capricorn.

Arriving Friday, December 23, right behind the winter solstice and just shy of the Christmas holiday, this lunation is, apropos of both, about conception and preparation.

Coming to pass once every lunar cycle, the new moon is our reset, and folks, we could all use a little get down and glow up right about now.

A cardinal earth sign, Capricorn is focused on the long term and the lasting. Less about the feels and more about the foundation, the energy here is strategic and sure. These qualities are enhanced by the sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto all keeping company in the sign of the sea goat right now, a clustering that makes the energy of Cap all the more pervasive.

Meaning of the new moon in Capricorn

In 2022 we began and will now end the year with a new moon in Capricorn, completing a cycle meant to help us plot a course for the long run. Capricorn ain’t about instant gratification or the easy win. Neigh, the Saturn ruled sea goat basks in the hard won and the long sought after. I just finished the beautiful book “Small Things Like These,” by Claire Keegan and the protagonist, a bastard son turned coal salesman (the Irish are grim) recalls being given a dictionary as one of his only Christmas gifts as a child and remembers crying bitter tears in a barn about it. Yet, what sucked in the short run eventually imbued him with the power to win a spelling contest that made him feel proud and whole for the very first time. This is the gist of Capricorn, we don’t get what we want, we get what we don’t realize we needed.

New moon and full swing retrograde

Mars, our planet of action and activation is retrograding in spastic Gemini through January, putting a well meaning hitch in our proverbial giddy up. Translation: though we are under the heavy influence of Capricorn, this particular new moon is less about getting after it and more about laying the groundwork. Perseverance is among the many illustrious qualities of Capricorn and as we wade though the plan stalling, progress thwarting sludge of Mars retrograde, we must take heart and press on, firm in the belief that the best is yet to come and ease is on the way.

Given the influence of this retrograde, the industrious nature of Capricorn is asked to lift its nose from the grindstone and take stock of the toil already toiled. Capricorn is a work horse and a master builder but where are our hooves taking us and is the scaffolding we are erecting expansive enough to fit our dreams? Heady, existential questions my dudes and what finer time to ponder them then during the glutted heart of the holiday season. Queries to consider during this lunation: What do you ultimately want from life and are you actively taking steps toward that version of reality? Where can you conserve resources and where do you squander them?

Capricorn energy ensures we will always make it to the top of the goddamn mountain but sometimes it forgets why we started the climb in the first place, or fails to appreciate the scent of pine needles, cold air and fresh sweat along the way. That’s why its best to work backwards under this new moon — set your sights on what you want and take as many reverse steps as you need to begin exactly where you are.

Sex and love under a sea goat new moon

Capricorn is the sign of strategy and while planning, goal setting and boundary keeping don’t necessarily scream of sexy abandon, they can help you reach both climax and commitment if applied correctly. With the new moon and Venus, planet of love and attachment both in the sign of the sea goat, the time is nigh to lay (pun intended) the foundation for the kind of love life we want. Whether single or attached, I wholly endorse masturbation as a means of self care and a tool of manifestation during any phase of the lunar cycle.

Turn yourself on and tune into what you want to bring into your life and your sheets, It’s called sex magic and it works if you work it. If you are in a relationship, consider making an intimacy calendar, because scheduled sex is better than no sex at all. Balance this carnal agenda with meaningful relationship maintenance. Take a page from entrepreneur Brad Feld who keeps a standing monthly “life dinner,” date with his wife as a means of deepening their connection and fortifying their partnership. Read more about his practice and the questions they ask each other here.

May you keep your head up and spirits high. Good luck out there, kids.

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