Super Bowl 2024: The Best Commercials

Super Bowl LVIII is upon us, and for some people, I assume the football game is the interesting part. I, on the other hand, am logging on solely to see what Taylor Swift is wearing (she made it! Duh, but yay!) and enjoy the year’s best collection of commercials. While 2023 featured ad cameos from the likes of Bennifer, Bradley Cooper, and Adam Driver, 2024 has already more than delivered on the celebrity factor. Below, find this year’s best Super Bowl commercials, from Michael Cera’s spot for Cerave, to Beyoncé’s epic Verizon ad.

David and Victoria Beckham for Uber Eats

David’s iconic rejoinder of “Be honest!” as his wife tried to play down her family’s wealth in Beckham has officially been memorialized in commercial history. This Uber Eats ad is a fun (if random) play on one of the year’s most genuinely funny memes.

Michael Cera for Cerave

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