This “Scorched Bride” Couture Gown Was One of the Best Looks at Cannes Today

The Somali-born influencer Rawdah Mohamed has made it her mission to make modest dressing more exciting. In the process, she has masterfully chipped away at misguided notions about conservative fashion by showcasing the hijab as a vehicle for personal expression, not repression. While attending the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, Mohamed turned heads in a Robert Wun couture outfit that was not only an exciting modest gown, but one of the coolest ensembles to walk the red carpet today—period. The double-sided satin dress and face-obscuring silk organza veil features trompe l’oeil scorch marks and flame-kissed edges. The ensemble is less run-of-the-mill red carpet attire and more evocative of a horror film heroine at the end of the movie. Wun aptly calls the design, which featured in his spring 2023 Paris Fashion Week show in January, “The Scorched Bride.” 

The collection itself was an ode to horror movies, but Mohamed wore the look to the premiere of La Passion De Dodin Bouffant, a French historical romantic drama. She adapted the gown by wearing a black hijab underneath the veil, black long sleeves that extended past the dress’s half ones, and wrists full of Cartier jewelry. The final product is an exciting entry into the ever-growing trend of bridal-inflected looks at Cannes this year—as worn by Blackpink’s Jennie Kim and actor Viola Davis—and red carpets writ large. 

A closer looks at the outfit’s distinctive train. 

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