Venus in Capricorn brings the zodiac signs tough love and true commitment

Venus, planet of love, attachment, aesthetics and earning potential is moving into Capricorn where things will get serious and steady from December 9 to January 2.

Considered one of the five personal planets, Venus has direct bearing on our lives, its influence felt most in our personal relationships and finances which tend to reflect the qualities of the sign the planet is moving through.

At present, Venus is taking its leave of the swashbuckling, thrill seeking, orgy favoring, YOLO sign of Sagittarius and taking up residence in the sturdy, stock broking, oak scented sign of Capricorn.

A cardinal earth sign, Capricorn is ruled by stern Saturn and associated with the tenth house of aspiration and achievement. What does it mean when the planet of romance takes up residence in the sign of unadulterated ambition? That same enterprising energy is applied to the Venusian realms of love lives and dollar signs. Read on to learn more.

Venus in Capricron

If Venus in Sagittarius is about experimentation, Venus in Capricorn is about commitment. Understanding that fools rush in and cowards turn tail, Venus in Capricorn takes its time, but goes all in when the odds are favorable and safety has been secured. It’s practical and consistent if not dreamy and grand. When under the influence of this transit our approach to love, looks and capital gains takes on a more serious energy, urging us to take stock and plan for the long term pay off rather than the quick hit of instant gratification. Fine wine versus moonshine if you will.

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Capricorn and cash monies

Venus in Capricorn encourages us to be fiscally conservative which personally hurts my feelings and seems more than a little bah humbug given the holiday season is in full swing but remember my babies, gift giving can and should be more about expression of feeling than dollar amount of expenditure. Hot take: you can be generous without being wanton. Considering the earth influence of Capricorn something as simple but poetic as personally packaged heirloom flower seeds, which promise a riot of bloom come spring, are a way to balance frugality with flourish.

Capricorn = cuffing

When it comes to love, Venus in Capricorn is the mascot for cuffing season

When it comes to love, Venus in Capricorn is the mascot for cuffing season. The energy here is all about settling down and settling in for the long night ahead. The archetype of Capricorn gets mischaracterized as boring or calculated when in fact it is discerning AF and offers a deepening of devotion not found in other signs. Venus in Capricorn is not a fickle lover, a fair weather friend or a frivolous spender, it chooses carefully and invests fully.

As Capricorn poet/priestess Patti Smith wrote of her one time lover and life long friend Robert Maplethorpe, “I thought to myself that he contained a whole universe that I had yet to know.” This concentrated curiosity is the earthen heart of Venus in Capricorn, as it wastes nothing of what it has already raised to the high altar of precious. In kind and under this influence, I hope you choose thoughtfully and commit wholly to whatever deserves your devotion.

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