Which ‘Sailor Moon’ character are you based on your zodiac sign?

“In the name of the Moon,” she’ll punish you!

When it comes to a franchise that is one of the most astrologically-focused, there’s none other than the globally famous and beloved series: “Sailor Moon.”

Originally created in Japan as a manga series, it became wildly popular and was adapted into an anime series that further expanded its widespread fandom. With magnificent praise for its characterization, themes, art and sense of humor, “Sailor Moon” continues to bring delight to longtime fans and those who are just stumbling upon the content for the very first time.

To understand the “Sailor Moon” franchise, the New York Post spoke exclusively with two of the rising voices in American geekdom: Paul Florez-Taylor—known as the Comic King—and Luke James—known as Pop Media Maven. As a team, we put our heads together to create the definitive list of characters that align with astrology and the zodiac.

Find out which character aligns perfectly with your zodiac sign!

ARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19): Sailor Mars

No other anime character in the history of anime has ever embodied the Aries fiery personality than Rei Hino! Feisty and passionate–with an undying need to always win an argument–Rei immediately butts heads with Usagi from the second they meet at the Hikawa Shrine. However, we know Rei’s tough exterior is just a facade as she houses a very keen intuition and cares deeply for Usagi’s well-being.

Like any good ‘ole Aries, Rei loves the spotlight and isn’t afraid to take the microphone at the local festival and belt out a tune that will leave a crowd in awe! What we love about Rei the most is her growth. Throughout the series, we see her evolution from an argumentative middle-schooler to a confident and powerful Sailor Senshi who lays her life down to protect her princess. 

TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20): Sailor Galaxia

Canonically, Sailor Galaxia’s birthday is not revealed within the franchise, but it’s clear to us she embodies pure Taurus energy: cunning, mighty and a natural born monarch! Little is known about Galaxia’s life prior to the series. We know she came from a no-named planet and she set out to become the galaxy’s strongest Senshi. True to Taurus, she’s ambitious and isn’t afraid to focus on building toward her greatest destiny.

By the time she comes to Earth in the anime, Chaos has taken over her body but there is still a light of hope left within her soul which is able to correct all the wrong she’s done and set the stage for a better tomorrow.  

GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 20): Sailor Star Maker

Naoko Takeuchi summed up Gemini energy when describing Sailor Star Maker as “cool” and “reticent.” We couldn’t agree more! The gender-fluid Starlights were ahead of their time and are fan-favorites in the Sailor Moon canon for a reason. However, Taiki stands above the trio as an eloquent and intelligent Senshi who takes no prisoners and will put others in their place…just like a Gemini!

Geminis are cunning and smooth-talking leaders of their pack who can handle anything that comes their way. Sailor Star Maker survived the destruction of her planet, came to Earth under the guise of a pop star and went straight into battle with Sailor Galaxia. One word to describe Taiki: boss!

CANCER (JUNE 21 – JULY 22): Sailor Moon (and Sailor Chibi Moon)

Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon are total Cancer vibes.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon are total Cancer vibes.


Usagi is an ordinary fourteen year old girl who likes to eat, sleep and play videogames. Then one day she discovers she is the reincarnation of a mythical Moon Princess and must assemble her friends from a previous life to protect the Earth. She also learns that the evil that murdered her and her friends in their previous life has followed them into this one and she must avenge her fallen kingdom. For most people, this is a massive info dump that would cause a mental breakdown! Yet no matter what obstacles come before Usagi, like all Cancers, she believes in the best of people and will choose love over war.

Usagi is the perfect protagonist because she is a Cancer–loyal and brave–who will rise to any occasion, be it Queen Beryl or Sailor Galaxia. She represents the best of humanity. When she ascends to the throne as Neo Queen Serenity in the 30th Century, she is Crystal Tokyo’s sovereign for this reason. (Although giving birth to Chibi-Usa and unleashing that terror on Earth certainly makes us question her love of humanity …we kid!) We love Sailor Chibi Moon’s bravery to journey back into the past and save her mother from the Black Moon Clan. The spirit of her mother lives through this future princess and we wish Naoko Takeuchi would write new Sailor Moon stories so we can follow this lineage on new adventures.  

LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22): Tuxedo Mask

On the surface, Mamoru can be cold and distant. However, as we saw in Sailor Moon R, this is because he had a reason–which was to protect Usagi from his impending visions of doom! Leos can often be fiercely independent, with intentions that may seem entirely personal. However, they love others fearlessly and want their significant others to thrive and succeed. They may also like to tease those they love the most, often calling them meatball head (shout out to the OG Dic dub).

As the keeper of the Golden Crystal, Tuxedo Mark is able to pierce through the darkness of Queen Nehelenia’s reign in Elysion and usher in a new era for the earth. That’s what Leos are ultimately good at: bringing rebirth during the darkest of times just like the sun rises.  

VIRGO (AUGUST 23 – SEPTEMBER 22): Sailor Mercury

We love that Sailor Mercury’s main weapon in the franchise is a Secret Sender–which is peak technology in the 90s and was the most coveted toy ever. Ami Mizuno is the team’s genius and the first Senshi to join Usagi on her journey. Like Virgos, she is humble and a reliable friend who will put the needs of others before her own. 

She shines during the final season when Sailor Uranus tells her she needs to learn to be a better fighter. However, Ami has a good sense of self and understands her intelligence is her own way of fighting and is able to save them from certain death.

This quiet confidence is exactly why Ami is usually identified as the most favorite Sailor Senshi in the franchise. She’s collected with a good understanding of self…plus her attack, “Mercury, Aqua Rhapsody!” still slaps till today. 

LIBRA (SEPTEMBER 23 – OCTOBER 22): Sailor Venus

Libras are resilient people and it’s no wonder the goddess of love represents this Air sign. Venus is the OG Sailor Senshi, originally fighting crime in London as Sailor V before making her way to Tokyo to join her fellow teammates. No disrespect to the other Senshi, but Venus is the star of any situation she finds herself in. She is the team’s powerhouse and in the manga wields the Sword of the Silver Crystal, which is meant to protect Princess Serenity. 

Minako spends most of her time in the series trying to become a pop idol and loves playing volleyball. We adore that she’s unabashed about how boy crazy she is–going as far as two-timing Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye during the Super S arc. But at the end of the day, like all Libras, she values her friendships more than anything and is happiest hanging out at the arcade with her friends.

SCORPIO (OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 21): Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto is the keeper of time and space. She is a solitary warrior who must never leave her post or else the entire timeline would be threatened. It’s this dedication that makes her a Scorpio, and why at a young age Queen Serenity imbued her with such a lofty responsibility. She is dedicated to her mission with the Outer Senshi and isn’t afraid to stop the rise of Sailor Saturn from bringing the destruction of the planet.  

Pluto’s special relationship with Chibi-Usa is a hallmark of the series, christening the young princess as “Small Lady” because she believes that one day she will realize her full potential. We know from Takeuchi’s notes that Setsuna loves fashion and is a gifted scientist. She is also rumored to be able to reincarnate backwards in time–a skill that makes her unique within the Sailor Moon mythos! 


The muscle of the group is obviously a Sagittarus! However, Sailor Jupiter has all the best qualities of a Sagittarius: tough, brave and with a big heart. Makoto has had a tough life. Her parents died when she was young and she is bullied at school because of her height and tomboy persona. People are often scared of her, believing she is a troublemaker but Usagi is able to pierce through that veil and notice her rose earrings–a symbol that she is actually a deeply caring individual. 

Sailor Jupiter is the friend everyone wishes they had–she can cook, is outspoken, and isn’t afraid to stand up to bullies and defend her friends. The most heartfelt moment she has in the series is when she jumps in front of Usagi to protect her from Queen Nehelenia’s wrath during Sailor Stars. Folks should know you don’t mess with a Sagittarius and their friends!  


Once a Capricorn comes into the mix, all bets are off! Sailor Saturn is the guardian of death and revolution. Her powers are world-ending, and as we saw in the manga, she was responsible for ending Silver Millenium. In summation: don’t pick a fight with a Capricorn because you’ll lose.

Throughout Sailor Moon S, we get to know Hotaru and how she isn’t like her Sailor Senshi persona–she’s quiet and withdrawn but begins to open up as she strikes up a friendship with Chibi-Usa. In the end, it’s that friendship that helps save the world from Pharaoh 90 because as Saturn so wisely says, with the end comes the promise of rebirth. 

AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18): Sailor Uranus

Here’s the thing about Haruka: she will do whatever it takes to get the mission done. If that doesn’t sum up Aquarius energy, we don’t know what else does! The Inner Senshi are minor league compared to her and Neptune’s dedication to finding the talismans during Sailor Moon S. 

Haruka occupies both male and female qualities, making her a game changer in the magical girl genre. Her relationship with Michiru is most beloved among fans and her unorthodox ways of saving the world is one of her most endearing qualities as a character. We love that on her downtime she finds time to be a celebrity race car driver and has the means to take a helicopter to the Mugen Academy. That is boss  energy that not many other folks possess! 

PISCES (FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 20): Sailor Neptune

The Senshi of grace is the aqua-colored Michiru who acts as Sailor Uranus’s partner throughout the series. Takeuchi has said that Sailor Neptune was created as the anti-Usagi, meant to embody everything Usagi herself lacked: eloquence and class. Like all Pisces, Neptune is a dreamer with a sharp intuition and a natural aptitude for the arts. She is an ethereal being and there is nothing she can’t excel at!

However, we all know Pisces can be savage, too. During the Super S special, we see Neptune call the monster-of-the-week’s bluff and risks potentially destroying the world just to save Haruka. She is dedicated to her lover and can never imagine a world without her in it. It’s this very love that carries them to their deaths in Sailor Stars…when all they want to do is hold hands as they die. But don’t worry–they come back to life in the last episode! 

Special thanks to Paul Florez-Taylor and Luke James for collaborating with me on this article!

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Comic Book King Paul Florez founded and hosts the Power of X-Men podcast, a podcast dedicated to all things Marvel in comics, movie, and pop culture. He previously worked at Marvel Entertainment and HarperCollins, and his writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, The Advocate, Slice Magazine, HelloGiggles, Queerty,, Burrow Press, The Liar’s League, Dead Rabbits, and Wizard Magazine.

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Luke James is an artist and cosplayer with a special soft spot for everything MCU. He’s all about everything in geekdom, especially Avatar and Pokémon. In his spare time, he’s either in the gym hitting the weights or learning chaos magic in practice to become the next Scarlet Witch. Professionally he protects the public by being a real-life superhero as a firefighter.

Meet Paul Florez-Taylor, the Comic King.

Meet Luke James, the Pop Media Maven.


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