Modern Peanuts of Cameroon: Selling with style | Poverty and Development

From: Africa Direct

Hassan Mounpé is a man with big plans for his small peanut-selling business.

Peanut selling is a tough business and Hassan Mounpé works hard to get them ready to sell at the market.

But he sees huge potential in the humble peanut and has great plans to expand his small business into something bigger, more modern and luxurious.

In the meantime, he sells with style. He arranges his peanuts meticulously, dons his fine clothes and makes an eye-catching impression in the busy markets of Yaoundé.

Christelle Otse is a filmmaker in Cameroon who has worked in various roles in film since graduating. She worked on several productions, co-directed a film and directed a TV show. Her 2021 film, Bea, was selected for several local festivals. 

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