Philippines seizes 1.8 tonnes of meth in drug bust

MANILA: The Philippines has seized 1.8 tonnes of crystal methamphetamine, President Ferdinand Marcos said Tuesday (Apr 16), describing the bust as a record and the “right approach” to the drug war.

Police found the illegal drugs, estimated to be worth more than US$230 million, on Monday during a search of a van in Batangas province, south of Manila. The driver was arrested.

Marcos inspected the drug haul on Tuesday and said it was the “biggest shipment of shabu ever caught” in the Philippines.

Shabu is the local name for cheap and highly addictive crystal meth. It was not clear if it was a record value or quantity of drugs.

“But not one person died, no one died, no gunfight, no one got injured,” Marcos told reporters.

“We did the operation carefully. That’s the right approach, for me, that should be the approach in the drug war.”

Police were tracing the source of the drugs, but Marcos said they were not made locally.

Thousands of people were killed in anti-drug operations under former president Rodrigo Duterte, sparking an international investigation into alleged human rights abuses.

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