Hero cops replace Christmas gifts stolen by ‘true life Grinch’ in home burglary

How the cops saved Christmas.

Indiana police saved the holiday by replacing one family’s gifts after they were stolen by a heartless “true life Grinch” during a burglary on Christmas eve.

“This is what serving our community is all about,” reads the heartwarming Facebook post, which was shared by the South Bend Police Department on Saturday morning.

A now-viral video of their heroic deed is currently blowing up as onlookers praise the boys in blue for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Officers had responded to a breaking and entering call, whereupon they learned that young children’s presents had been pilfered — leaving them without anything for Christmas eve.

“They found out that the house had been burglarized, and in the process, the individual had taken all the gifts and even some food out of their refrigerator,” South Bend Police Department Patrolman Brian Meador told “So, they really left this family with nothing much at all.”

The admittedly heartbroken officer compared the fiasco to a “true life Grinch,” describing the scene: “Yep, cleaned them out. Not even the Who-hash or the Roast Beast (was left). It was all taken.”

In a desperate attempt to salvage the holiday, the valiant cops contacted the South Bend FOP Lodge #36 “Santa’s Elficers” program, an organization that helps families in need around the holidays. Thankfully, they had leftover items at the station, which the officers brought to the pillaged domicile less than an hour later to replace what was stolen.

Accompanying footage shows a squad of officers in the standing by bikes, dolls and other spanking new presents under the family’s Christmas tree in the living room. They beckon the unidentified mother and her three kids into the room, whereupon the toddlers let out cries of joy and run over to the gifts.

The touching clip concludes with the mother thanking the officers profusely as the officers wish the family a “merry Christmas.” Police later said that officers also brought food over for the family, Storyful reported.

Social media users were quick to praise the officers for their selfless act.

“Incredibly inspiring! Thank you to the South Bend Department for bringing cheer to this family, and thank you for all you do! Merry Christmas!” gushed one Yuletide well-wisher on Facebook.

“This is one of the best things I’ve seen in awhile. (It’s awful that they were robbed, at Christmas, no less),” wrote another. “No one had to do anything extra, but they did. We need so much more of this in the world!”

However, the SB PD insisted that they were simply doing their part to serve and protect the community.

“To see those little girl’s faces when they saw the presents under the tree and started playing with them, that’s why we do what we do,” Officer Meador said. “That’s the positive part, and that’s what keeps us going as officers. And so, I hope it’s a memory for them that’ll last a lifetime.”

Meanwhile, it remains unclear if the Grinches who initially stole Christmas were ever apprehended.

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