Mehdi Hasan Warns Of Trump Plan That Should ‘Terrify’ Americans Ahead Of 2024

Trump, he pointed out, has vowed that a second administration would be even more extreme than his first, signaling he would sic the Justice Department on political rivals and the U.S. military on protesters.

“These are plans that should terrify each and every single one of us,” Hasan said on Sunday night.

Then, he proceeded to look not just at Trump’s “radical agenda” itself, but the extremists he would bring into his new administration to carry out those plans “without any adults in the room.”

Some are names known to many Americans, such as right-wing video host Tucker Carlson, who has been floated as Trump’s vice presidential pick. Hasan called Carlson “too bigoted even for Fox,” which dumped him earlier this year.

Others might be less well-known ― but every bit as extreme.

“We cannot overlook what’s taking shape right before our very eyes,” he warned. “A second Trump term filled with an extremist far-right army of ultra-loyalists and total sycophants with little regard for the Constitution, which will be beyond anything we’ve ever seen in modern American history.”

Hasan breaks it down it the video below:

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