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Rep. Joaquin Castro rips ‘heartless POS’ Abbott for migrant busing

Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro lashed out at Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott over the weekend, calling the Lone Star State’s chief executive “worthless” and a “heartless POS” after dozens of migrants were dropped off outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ DC home.

“Worthless @GovAbbott dropping off people with no money and no means on Christmas Eve in 15-degree weather near the VP’s residence,” tweeted Castro, a Democrat who represents San Antonio, early Sunday.

“How Christian of you, Greg Abbott,” he added. “Being a heartless POS isn’t going to make you the next Republican President.”

The migrants had boarded three charter buses in Texas, believing they would be arriving in New York City on Christmas Day, according to an aid organization that helped the confused migrants in DC.

Instead, about 120 men, women and children were let off at the Naval Observatory in northwest Washington as temperatures plummeted to around 15 degrees.

Local volunteers were forced to scramble to help the migrants, learning from aid organizations in Texas that the buses were headed their way.

Since Abbott began his program in April of busing migrants from Texas border communities to cities like DC and New York, he has notoriously refused to give mayoral offices or aid organizations advanced warning, with New York Mayor Eric Adams saying he was blindsided when Abbott first sent migrants to Gotham in August.

Migrants had boarded three charter buses in Texas, believing they would be arriving in New York City on Christmas Day, according to an aid organization.

Instead, about 120 men, women, and children were let off at the Naval Observatory in Washington as temperatures dropped to 15 degrees.


Local volunteers helped the migrants after learning they were going to Washington from aid organizations in Texas.

Busloads of migrants were dropped in front of Vice President Kamala Harris’ Washington D.C. residence on Christmas Eve.


The migrants, who in some cases were dressed in T-shirts or light sweatshirts, were taken to local churches for food and shelter.

Tatiana Laborde, the managing director of SAMU First Response, told The Post that she believes the change in plans was due to the heavy snowfall up north.

Despite the criticism of Abbott’s bus program, the staunchly Democratic city of El Paso asked the governor to help bus migrants from the overwhelmed border hub after declaring a state of emergency over the border crisis. An even larger wave of migrants is expected to cross into Texas’ sixth-largest city once Title 42 ends.

At least four of Abbott’s buses have departed from El Paso, Deputy City Manager Mario D’Agositino said Friday. Three were headed for NYC while a fourth was destined for Chicago.

El Paso, currently the epicenter of the migrant crisis with the highest number of border crossers, has been forced to turn its convention center into a migrant shelter and plans to use vacant schools to add more bed space as the city tries to keep endless waves of migrants out of freezing temperatures.

Abbott did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Hours after Castro’s broadside, Abbott tweeted a Christmas message to his followers.

“May the hopeful promise of our Savior’s birth bring comfort & joy to you & your family,” the governor wrote. “Merry Christmas, Texas!”

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