Nikki Haley needs delegates. Where can she find them?

She’s won just a single contest so far – the primary in Washington, DC – but former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley still thinks she has a role to play in the Republican primary.

Haley told NBC she would stay in the race “as long as we’re competitive” with front-runner former President Donald Trump.

While the primary process is still in its relatively early stages and primaries continue until June, the hard truth facing Haley is that with each passing contest dominated by Trump, her odds of amassing a sizable cache of delegates shrinks.

A little more than a third of Republican delegates are up for grabs in 15 contests across the country on Super Tuesday. In many of them, Haley could get locked out of delegates entirely if she can’t beat Trump at either the statewide or congressional district level.

Haley’s delegate path is full of obstacles unless she can start winning primaries.

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