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‘A perfect match’: Overwatch 2 players praise Blizzard for incredible season 9 skin

Season nine is arriving in Overwatch 2 with plenty of changes and new content to discover, but one skin has taken the spotlight.

While changes to passive balance and jade weapons are controversial, Overwatch players have given the next Mythic skin the seal of approval.

In a Reddit thread on Feb. 11, players shared their impressions on the next Mythic skin, which will make Moira take a darker shape. “This new one looks absolute killer and is well deserved,” one of the top comments read.

The Ancient Caller skin brings a Lovecraftian vibe to one of the darkest Overwatch heroes, described as a “perfect match” by players. It’s her darkest to date, alongside a previous Halloween-themed skin, Banshee.

With this skin, Moira’s voice becomes distorted, making her feel like she’s from another world. All her abilities have different sounds and visuals.

Overwatch players can get the skin by reaching level 80 in the season nine battle pass. It’ll be only available in the premium version, similar to previous Mythic skins. The new season starts on Feb. 1, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

As well as the Moira Mythic, season nine will bring other exclusive skins with the battle pass. The meta will also shift significantly thanks to balance changes, projectile size adjustments, and changes to the competitive system with jade weapons and the new rank.

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