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Apex Legends Mobile clone, High Energy Heroes, launches in China

Apex Legends Mobile was one of the most anticipated mobile games after it was first announced back in 2019. The game was eventually released worldwide in 2022, however, barely a year later, the game was taken down by EA amidst a larger shift away from mobile games by the dev earlier on May 1, 2023. However, players can still enjoy the title, although in a different avatar as a clone has entered the market.

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High Energy Heroes, an Apex Legends Mobile clone, has been released in China

High Energy Heroes was first announced in March 2023, and even in its initial graphics looked like an obvious Apex Legends Mobile clone. Notably, Apex Legends Mobile was never released in China, and this game gives mobile gamers in the country the first chance to try out the Apex experience.

It’s unclear if the game is part of a partnership between Tencent and EA or a standalone and blatant clone. Nonetheless, the game has had a very successful launch in China and has topped the charts across Android third-party stores and iOS.

Tencent is betting big on the title. The company has already made commitments towards developing an esports scene for the game. China is a very developed market for esports and has some of the biggest franchised mobile esports leagues in the world.

Will the game be released globally?

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Currently, High Energy Heroes is only available in China. Tencent hasn’t said if the game will be coming globally, though. The game is likely part of a partnership between the company and EA. High Energy Heroes was approved in China back in 2021 indicating that the game has been planned for a long time.

Thus, a global release might depend on EA instead of Tencent. EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, has previously said, that the dev could introduce a reimagined and connected Apex mobile experience” in the future.

Apex Legends Mobile’s initial reception was terrible as the game was riddled with bugs and optimization issues. However, over time, EA gradually fixed these and as soon as the game got better, the company decided to pull the plug – a shocking move for fans. Apex Legends Mobile players even tried to save the title by launching a #SaveApexMobile hashtag on X (formerly Twitter) but were unsuccessful.

Only time will tell if mobile gamers in other regions will get to play High Energy Heroes or Apex Legends Mobile again.

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