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Apex Legends players losing Heirlooms, badges, and more after new game update

An Apex Legends update caused players to lose their Heirlooms, badges, forcing the devs to spring into action.

Every Tuesday at 12pm CT, Apex Legends resets its weekly challenges. It’s unclear if it was the weekly reset or the April Fools’ update, but many Apex content creators and players reported losing their account progression and other cosmetic items. “I’m sure there gonna fix this but everyone lost everything you have gained this split,” popular streamer Noko claimed. “Badges, heirlooms (including the new event)… this is definitely not an issue apex needed.” Game industry reporter Jake Lucky substantiated those claims and posted images of several community members experiencing issues.

Professional Apex Legends player HisWattson was shocked by the glitch. “Apex is so chalked,” the streamer said on X. “Lost my pred badge from last season and like 10 heirlooms.” Before community members got too carried away with their complaints, Respawn Entertainment reassured everyone with an official statement.

“We’ve seen your reports about account resets and are investigating,” the Apex devs responded. We’ll let you know as soon as we have an update on the issue.” Losing cosmetic items doesn’t have any impact on gameplay, but some players reported their account level got reset back to one, which will disturb matchmaking. It’s unclear how long it will take the devs to sort out every issue currently plaguing the battle royale. Thankfully, players won’t need to worry about permanently losing any progression or cosmetic items, as a fix is in the works.

Update April 2 4:28pm CT: Respawn has rolled out a fix to prevent accounts that have yet to be reset from doing so when players log into Apex for the first time since the weekly update this morning. This means it’s now safe for players to open Apex if they hadn’t done so earlier today. This fix does not remedy the issue for accounts that have already been reset, however. The devs say they’ll provide a further update as soon as a fix restoring players’ Heirlooms, skins, and account progression has gone live.

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