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Bad win rate? Avoid these VALORANT agents to win more ranked games

While stats like K/D and headshot percentage offer a good evaluation of your mechanical skills in VALORANT, your win rate determines how consistent your ranked grind is. While a low win rate can be blamed on multiple factors, your go-to agent might be holding you back.

Looking at agent stats from, I pinpointed the VALORANT agents with the worst win rates across all ranks. These agents aren’t necessarily bad, but it sure looks like players are having a hard time finding winning value with them in their ranked games. Some agents were consistently in the bottom five, while others switched places as we moved up the ladder.

Interestingly, according to stats for Episode Eight, Act One, Harbor, Iso, and KAY/O feature the worst win rates in VALORANT across all ranks, from Iron to Radiant. Neon and Yoru are in the bottom five for ranks between Iron one and Diamond three, after which they start switching places with Breach and Chamber. Here’s a list of the agents with the worst win rates in VALORANT right now.

  1. Harbor (47 percent win rate, Ascendant three) 
  2. Iso (46.3 percent win rate, Ascendant three)
  3. KAY/O (44.9 percent win rate, Ascendant three)
  4. Yoru (48.3 percent win rate, Ascendant three)
  5. Neon (49 percent win rate, Ascendant three)
  6. Breach (48.9 percent win rate, Ascendant three)
  7. Chamber (48.5 percent win rate, Ascendant three)

The fact that players can’t seem to win with KAY/O, Neon, and Breach even in Ascendant three and beyond is a bit surprising, although these agents have high ceilings. It may also indicate gaps in agent designs. 

Take, for example, Harbor. I love how we can bend his walls, create ratty angles, and whatnot, but he doesn’t offer much value to the team in ranked matches where we don’t usually play double-controller setups. Yoru and Iso are situational agents. Having a bad aim day? Well, Iso is of no use then. Yoru can play around with his teleport portals. But let’s face it, ranked players don’t coordinate as well as pro players, so quirky agents like Yoru become a liability in most cases.

Chamber is currently in an uncomfortable position in VALORANT. He’s neither the sentinel of everyone’s dreams nor a good duelist. While we expect another Chamber buff to drop soon, in a meta where trap experts like Cypher and Killjoy exist, it’s just hard to find similar value with him. 

A majority of VALORANT players queue solo. Combining this with the fact that we prefer double duelists over double controller or initiator comps, the list of agents with the worst win rates seems justified. While avoiding these agents definitely won’t boost your win rate right away, going by the stats, it seems to be a good bet for now. Follow the meta.

If you’re wondering how to fix your win rate, check your VALORANT tracker for the agents you play and look for those with the worst win rates. Avoid playing those agents and stick to the ones you’ve mastered. After all, the best way to improve is to pinpoint your mistakes and limitations and evolve based on the same.

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