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Does Rainbow Six Mobile have Aim Assist

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Mobile is one of the best strategic first-person shooters available on Android and iOS. The game might be a smaller version of the original game, but it has managed to preserve the core gameplay experience of playing Rainbow Six with familiar operators and maps. But, being a mobile game, players have been wondering if it has aim assist.

Aim assist on mobile games is pretty common as the smaller screens make it difficult to aim. Thus, to keep the game accessible, developers usually add aim assist. Here’s the answer to whether Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Mobile has it or not.

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Does Rainbow Six Mobile have aim assist?

Yes, Rainbow Six Mobile does have aim assist, which is switched on by default.

It’s not surprising to see the game have aim assist. Rainbow Six Siege on console and PC also has aim assist, but it isn’t switched on by default. Playing on a touchscreen smartphone is very different from aiming with a mouse. Thus, to make sure that the game can be enjoyed by a wide audience, it has aim assist on by default to make shooting down your enemies easier.

Rainbow Six Mobile isn’t the only mobile game to have the feature. In fact, all major shooters including PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and CoD Mobile have aim assist.

The feature is a controversial one and many players still prefer to play without aim assist. If you are one of those players, here’s how you can toggle the aim assist off in Rainbow Six Mobile.

How to turn it off?

If you want to play hardcore Rainbow Six Mobile with no aim assist, follow these steps:

  • Open the game on your device.
  • In the main menu, click on the Gear Icon to open the settings.
  • Over here, navigate to the Gameplay Settings.
  • You will be able to see an option to toggle the aim assist off.

Keep in mind that even if you decide to turn off aim assist, your opponents can still have theirs enabled. You can follow the same steps to toggle it back on again.

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